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John Reeb
Highlands Ranch, United States

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"I am a better employee, better manager, and a better person because of the information and knowledge I gained through this course." Paul Ross, WWCC
WHAT I DO: I help people in management positions achieve confidence & effectiveness in dealing with their team by providing them practical, easily learned skills in communication, conflict management, team building, andother necessary management skills.
WHO I WORK WITH: I partner with organizations that not only care about their profit, but care about the people who make that profit happen.
WHY IT WORKS: Our programs teach skills that can be applied immediately after leaving each sessionto transform your workplace. Our “how to handle the situation” approach allows a safe environment for practice and our blended learning methods provide for every type of learner’s success.
WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: Our learning processes are both experiential and intellectual. We use cutting edge methods along with time-proven activities to enhance each person’s knowledge and ability level in the skill being taught. Our accountability procedures ensure that each participant not only takes abilities away from the training, but uses them in the workplace.
"I estimate the Cowboy Joe Club has saved $50,000 per hire." - Jeff Pivic, Cowboy Joe Club – UW
"Bullet Proof Manager definitely gave me tools to help with difficult employee situations through more understanding of personality traits and situational management." Tim Chiddix, Swanson Rink
HOW IT WORKS: We start with a face to face 30 minute meeting where we compare what your needs are to the training we provide. If we agree there is a good fit, we will determine if a Leadership Skills Workshopis required or we begin the program with your first set of managers.
READY TO TALK? Reach out to me by clicking on the "Start a Dialogue" button above, oremail me directly at john.reeb@crestcom.com, or call me at 720-515-8081.

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"The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement." - Harvey Mackay

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