Who We Are & What We Do

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Crestcom provides leadership development that produces real results.

Other leadership organizations focus on information. 

Crestcom is all about transformation. 


What’s Our Story?

Over 35 years ago, brothers Hal and John Krause wanted to use their prior experience in the training industry to create a leadership development organization that was radically different. As entrepreneurs themselves, they understood the many challenges running a business presents. So they set off to create a leadership development program that resulted in real and sustained behavior change, not just a quick fix.

With that, Crestcom International was born.

Crestcom started franchising in 1992 and has since expanded into over 60 countries worldwide. Our award-winning and accredited curriculum and participant engagement tools continue to evolve as new leadership trends emerge. As of today, Crestcom franchise owners have developed more than 1 million managers in over 60 countries from around the world, partnered with over 30k client organizations, and made a lasting impact on so many lives – both personally and professionally.

Leverage your experience. Own a business that impacts lives.

Have you thought about being your own boss, running your own business, and leveraging your leadership experience to impact businesses and leaders in your community?

Crestcom is a business training franchise for the professional executive who is looking for a change and wants to build a profitable and scaleable business – all while making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Members of our network are deeply committed to our mission of developing great leaders around the world.

Make an Impact

The Crestcom L.E.A.D.R. for Life program changes lives, organizations, and communities.

Invest in Yourself

As a business owner, you define your schedule, your goals, and your future.

Join a Global Network

We provide the processes, tools, software, products and support you need.

Consider these questions when exploring our franchise opportunity:

Do you want to be part of a growing and supportive network with a meaningful purpose?

Do you want to create your destiny and invest in yourself?

Are you passionate about helping people grow into great leaders?

We Are a Franchise.

We support our franchisees with the tools to market, sell, and deliver our award-winning leadership development and management training programs. Franchising is not an industry but rather a way to do business. Usually, there are two parties:

The Franchisor provides intellectual property, products, and processes.

The Franchisee licenses the right to use the franchisor’s name, brand, and processes to distribute the franchisor’s products or services in exchange for an initial fee plus ongoing royalty.

Franchise Structure: Franchisees typically serve both as salespeople and facilitators, signing up clients and subsequently leading the coursework. As franchisees scale, many will hire sales representatives or facilitators, while the franchisee maintains a close relationship with the CEO.

Area Representative: Besides the Executive Franchise agreement (referred to as “franchisee” typically), Crestcom Area Representatives recruit franchisees on behalf of Crestcom in a defined territory and provide support to the individual franchisees within the same area.

Choose the Path that Leads to Profit with Purpose.

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