Subject Matter Experts


Subject Matter Experts


Meet our Subject Matter Experts

Get to know some of the experts who are driving our thought leadership and collaborating with us on training initiatives.

Teamwork & Customer Service

Jack Mackey

Raise The Customer Service Crossbar – Video
Better Performance Through Better Teamwork – Video

Workplace Communication & Productivity

Andy Bounds

Deliver Results The First Time – Video
How To Create Consensus – Video
Communicate With Impact – Video

Talent Management & Recruiting

Kathleen Quinn Votaw

Take Charge of Talent Management – Video

Multigenerational Teams

Amy Lynch

Bridging The Multigenerational Gap – Video

Change Management & Leadership Development

L. Bonita Patterson

Change How You Manage Change – Video

Strategic Thinking & Innovation

Ron Crossland

How To Inspire Innovation – Video

Leadership Mindset & Problem Solving

Dr. Nido Qubein

The Leader’s Mindset – Video

Employee Motivation & Engagement

Simon Bailey

Develop Effective and Devoted Employees – Video

Team Engagement & Time Management

Mark Sanborn

How to Improve Workplace Performance – Video
Ten Ways To Increase Morale and Motivation – Video
Managing Time For Maximum Results – Video

Customer Service & Experience

Shep Hyken

Captivate Your Customer – Video

Strategic Leadership

Prof. Dr. Leif Erik Wollenweber

Strategic Thinking For Future Success – Video

Emotional Intelligence

Colleen Stanley

Leadership Influence Through Emotional Intelligence – Video

Accountability in the Workplace

Steve Farber

Ignite A Culture Of Accountability – Video

Personality Types and Conflict Management

Dr. Kimberly Alyn

Techniques For Managing Personality Styles – Video
Conflict Resolution Techniques – Video

Decision Making

Kyle Craig

How Leaders Shape Decisions – Video

Business Acumen

Thomas Frey

Building Your Business Is Everyone’s Business – Video

Performance Optimization

Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter

Peak Performing Leaders – Video


Steve Shapiro

Accelerate the Way You Innovate – Video

Business Storytelling

Kelly Swanson

Strategic Storytelling to Influence and Inspire – Video

Unconscious Bias

Dr. Tyrone Holmes

Break Away From Bias – Video