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Qualifications & Requirements

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What to Expect

Once you’ve signed your Crestcom franchise agreement, you’re expected to apply yourself towards learning and internalizing how to market, sell, and facilitate the Crestcom leadership development program. You will then launch your business while being supported through coaching calls and full operational support towards closing your first sale within 90 days.

Boot Camp

You’ll attend our four-day Boot Camp training workshop, held monthly at our corporate headquarters in Denver, conducted virtually, or at mutually agreed-upon local venue. In Boot Camp, we cover what you need to know to get started, including:

New franchisees are trained on Crestcom's business model.
Business Model Review
Franchisees will receive in depth training on the inner workings of our operations.
Operations Overview
New Franchisees will learn how to implement a strong marketing plan for their business.
You will also learn how to bring in new leads with our tested lead generation tactics.
Lead Generation
New Crestcom Franchisees will learn how to customize their social media based on our brand standards and guidelines.
Social Media
Email marketing tutorials will help franchisees learn how to create drip campaigns and newsletters.
Email Marketing
Booking appointments will become second nature after attending our boot camp.
Booking Appointments
New franchisees will learn the Executive Overview in depth.
Executive Overview
Franchisees will also learn about pre-meeting talk.
Pre-Meeting Talk
New Crestcom franchisees will learn how to facilitate the Leadership Skills Workshop.
Leadership Skills Workshop

“I truly love my experience as a Crestcom franchisee (and Area Representative) for many reasons: It allows me to develop leaders of consequence in my region. It allows me the independence and flexibility to pursue my passions and hobbies while earning a good living. It allows me to help others become better at their jobs. I have a positive impact on the lives (both personal and professional) of those that participate in the program.


– Dave Lawrence, Crestcom Franchise Owner and Area Representative
Florida, USA

“Being a Crestcom franchisee is providing me a life of fulfillment. Not only because of the impact I am having on local organizations and their employees, but also on my life. It gives me an opportunity to live a life that I control with balance, enjoyment and happiness!”


–  Heather Rosenfeld, Crestcom Franchise Owner and Area Representative 
Massachusetts, USA

“We literally change people’s lives, empowering them to lead with distinction.”


– John Nyakahuma, Crestcom Franchise Owner
Kigali, Rwanda

“Crestcom is perfectly aligned with my passion to help others develop leadership skills and help businesses get the most from their people. I enjoy meeting business leaders in my community and helping them with their leadership challenges. I also enjoy every aspect of building my own business. Pride of ownership and building a valuable business is extremely motivating to me.”


– Douglas Peterson, Crestcom Franchise Owner and Area Representative 
Indiana, USA




During the first three months, the operations and coaching staff will guide you in mastering our sales process. We believe that success comes from the internalization of these steps, which gives you confidence when presenting them.

Crestcom provides the systems, tools, and proven processes you need to start a successful leadership development business.
Combine your passion for leadership with owning your own business!


As a franchisee, you will sell and facilitate the Crestcom L.E.A.D.R. for Life program, which covers 24 core leadership skills over 12 months and transitions to an advanced group coaching experience. Crestcom provides you with content demonstrations and access to monthly facilitation and support webinars to help you prepare. No one is an expert, and no one needs to be. Participants discuss ideas directly during session activities, making the role of facilitators easy. Facilitation training is an ongoing process for new and experienced franchisees. Crestcom franchisees have the advantage of more than 35 years of experience and global insights that help us identify and address needs.

Choose the Path that Leads to Profit with Purpose.

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