BPM Leadership Development Program


BPM Leadership Development Program


Crestcom’s signature BPM leadership development program provides interactive management training with a results-oriented curriculum and prime networking opportunities. Our leadership training facilitators guide the classes through interactive exercises and group discussions for hands-on learning and collaboration.

Our flagship BPM program covers 24 core leadership topics over 12 months. See our current curriculum below:

Your Organization will benefit from:

Interactive Management Training

BPM’s 12-month format is designed to create a deeper understanding of management skills in all levels of leadership. Our process allows managers time to internalize new information, master skills, and demonstrate how it works for your company. During the monthly debrief coaching sessions, your leadership facilitator will help your managers navigate challenges and identify solutions. After graduation from BPM, participants may continue their leadership development through our Crestcom Continuing Education (CCE) program.

Results-Oriented Curriculum

Creating positive and lasting change cannot happen in a one-day crash course. We develop your management team over time. Participants will also gain insights and inspiration from our mixed media videos featuring our renowned expert faculty.

Our leadership training facilitators guide the class through live interactive exercises and group discussions. These activities are designed to help participants identify their strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Managers leave each session with a measurable action plan to implement.

Network Development

Through our unique management training courses, your team has the opportunity to connect with dozens of other local business professionals. Participants from different companies and industries are able to share new ideas and perspectives. As new participants join the program each month, the chances to develop their network expands.