Our Approach to Leadership Development


Our Approach to Leadership Development


Our Approach to Leadership Development

One of the key challenges with management training is finding a leadership program that helps your team embed and systematize what they learn to deliver long-term results. Crestcom’s unique approach to manager training includes live facilitation, instructional videos with subject matter experts, and facilitated interactive exercises.


How it works

Managers explore proven business strategies, learn how to overcome barriers, and develop action plans for setting and achieving specific, measurable goals. Ongoing access to the Crestcom Learning Portal provides continual development and reinforces key leadership skill areas.

The 3 Elements of Effective Behavioral Change:

Measured Development +



Measured Development +

Your leadership team members will master their new skills during the full month between each workshop by integrating them into their daily activities. They’ll also have 24/7 access to the Crestcom Learning Portal for active learning opportunities.

Implementation Plan +

Your leadership team will design their own action plans to specify what participants have learned, when and how they plan to implement it, and how they plan to measure the results.

Accountability +

Each month, participants will attend in-house meetings where they’ll present the achievements they’ve attained since the previous workshop. Your leadership team will track results to show mental and behavioral changes and to demonstrate a quantifiable return on investment.

Crestcom’s Learning Portal Increases Management Accountability

The Crestcom Learning Portal accelerates development through a unique online participant interface and personal learning dashboard. Results are also visible to supervisors.

Use the mobile app to simplifyAction Plans and Results submissions

Chart progress with real-time personal dashboard updates

Access gamification that drives engagement

Get 24/7 access to management course materials

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