How to Build Your Legacy with Visionary Leader, Rani Puranik

How to Build Your Legacy with Rani Puranik, EVP and Global CFO for Worldwide Oilfield Machine

On this week’s episode of The Leadership Habit Podcast, Jenn DeWall sat down with Rani Puranik to talk about how to build your legacy.

Rani Puranik was born in Houston, Texas to Indian parents. She is the Executive Vice President and Global Chief Financial Officer of Houston-based Worldwide Oilfield Machine (WOM). In addition to being a visionary in business, she is also the chair of the Houston-based non-profit Puranik Foundation. The foundation was founded in 2000 to create educational opportunities for underserved children.

Rani has more than 4,000 employees across 13 global locations. With more than 4,000 employees across 13 global locations, Rani implemented a successful operational framework that grew the company’s annual revenue to more than $350 million.

In fact, Rani was named one of the Top 25 Most Influential Women in Energy in 2022 by Oil and Gas Investor and Hart Energy. I hope you enjoy our conversation as we talk about how to build your legacy.

Episode Summary

Jenn DeWall welcomes Rani Puranik, author and co-owner of an engineering and manufacturing company for the oil and gas industry. Rani talks about her life as a second-generation immigrant to the United States.

She also shared that she moved from Houston to India for an arranged marriage at the age of 19. She has raised her two daughters in both India and the United States.

Throughout her life she has worn three hats. She is the co-owner of a worldwide manufacturing company, the chairperson of the Puranik Foundation, and most recently, an author.

She also announces her upcoming book, Seven Letters to My Daughters, which was inspired by her daughters, to share her experiences and advice with them and others.

What Does Building a Legacy Mean?

Then, Jenn DeWall and Rani Puranik discussed the meaning of legacy and how to build it. Legacy goes beyond who we are as individuals. Building a legacy is about understanding what we have today, and what we have been given from the past. Gifts like culture, upbringing, values, principles, and life experiences that can be passed on to future generations.

Every decision and choice should serve and positively impact something or someone to build our legacy. According to Rani, a legacy is about positively impacting someone or something other than yourself. It can be established by even small actions such as smiling at someone in a grocery store.

Why is it Important to Build a Legacy?

Rani also explained the importance of legacy and why it brings more meaning to life. She believes that as human beings, we all search for happiness and freedom. To be happy, we need to be satisfied. To be satisfied, we need to be aware of who we are and how we show up to connect with other people.

Our legacy is our purpose, and it is how we make an impact and make others’ lives a little better. It is about being authentically ourselves and showing up in our authentic selves. By doing so, we can find satisfaction, meaning, worthiness, and ultimately happiness and freedom.

What Climbing Mount Everest Taught Rani About Power

Then, Rani shared her experience climbing Mount Everest for her 50th birthday. At the time she was reflecting on the meaning of power, and how to leave a powerful legacy. During the climb, she asked her fellow climbers on Mount Everest to define the meaning of power.

Their answers varied, but some answers stuck with her. One person said power was the ability to positively impact someone or something. Another climber thought it was knowing one’s potential and knowing you have not reached it yet.

Eventually, she boiled down power to one word, authenticity, because the mountains and water didn’t know they were powerful. They just showed up in their purest element without fear, comparison, guilt, shame, or wanting to prove anything. Each of us has unique elements and the potential to be powerful by showing up in our authentic selves.

Show Notes

Thank you so much for listening to this week’s episode of a Leadership Habit podcast. If you want to learn more about Rani, you can head on over to her website, You can take her Life Chapter Quiz to discover words of wisdom for your current chapter in life.

You can purchase her book, Seven Letters to My Daughters: Light Lessons of Love, Leadership, and Legacy on Amazon or your favorite book retailers.

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