Crestcom Franchisee Spotlight – Mark McGuire

Mark McGuire discusses how he grows his Crestcom franchise business


Mark McGuire has been a Crestcom franchisee for a year and a half, and recently had the honor of being the top revenue leader of the week! We sat down with Mark to understand his approach to running and growing his Crestcom franchise

Q: What gives you the most joy from working in the leadership development industry?

A: I enjoy the interaction with progressive business leaders in a variety of industries. I also enjoy hearing the personal and professional success stories of workshop participants and graduates when implementing leadership skills learned from Crestcom’s BPM program.

Q: What industries are you finding success with?

A: No trending industry in particular. However, I have encountered success with business owners and presidents who realize that their leadership teams are assets. These leaders understand that they need to grow and develop their team to become competitive in current economic conditions.

Q: Are there specific industries you target? Why or why not?

A: Large corporate organizations tend to have in-house leadership development offerings. However, industry-specific development does not grow the individual nor prepare them for future organizational or leadership needs. In addition, business owners soon to retire view Bullet Proof® Manager as an effective succession tool. Also, HR departments view Bullet Proof® Manager as an effective outsourcing partner for career advancement and professional development requirements.

Q: What challenges did you have with your most recent sale in getting them to close?

A: A common challenge is getting the Very Important Top Officer (VITO) to sit down and complete the contract. As business owners, they are constantly in demand from all directions, so getting on their calendar becomes interesting. Positioning the close at the Leadership Skills Workshop (LSW) completion is the best model in securing a signature.

Q: What challenges overall are you facing in your market?

A: Colleges and Universities are entering the leadership development space because they realize the market is growing. I think that a competitive advantage for Crestcom is the quality of our subject matter experts as faculty members used in developing and presenting in our workshops. Few are Ph.D.’s however ALL are accomplished business leaders with corporate and entrepreneurial experience.

Q: What key things did you wish you knew when you first started compared to what you know today that’s helped contribute to your success?

A: The need to position the LSW in the Executive Overview (EO) and to close in the LSW for the contract at completion. Overall, I am fortunate to work with a talented team. They bring energy, support, and professionalism to all internal and external customer-facing interactions.

Congratulations to Mark McGuire to being a top-earner. We look forward to seeing his continued success in his Crestcom franchise for many years to come!

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