Facilitator Spotlight: Michelle Sudeyko

Michelle Sudeyko is recognized as an accomplished salesperson and leadership development facilitator

Michelle Sudeyko
has been an accomplished Crestcom sales professional and training facilitator for over 14 years. Her passion for leadership development and commitment to the sales process has led her to be acknowledged among the top sellers in the Crestcom system.

We recently sat down with Michelle to talk about her accomplishments, her secrets to success, and her advice for other franchisees.

Q: What gives you the most joy as a business owner in this industry?

A: I find monthly debriefs to be the most enjoyable. I work with many for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Learning their stories and connecting with the participants feeds my soul. This is the space where you see the growth and ideas ignited.

Q: What industries are you finding success with?

A: Due to our Canadian grant program, I am finding many nonprofit organizations taking advantage as training budgets are almost non-existent. They appreciate the opportunity to learn and value what we provide.

Q: Are there specific industries you target? Why or why not?

A: I do not necessarily target industries. I look for companies that are doing well and have over 50 employees. Any organization could benefit from our program so I do not want to leave anyone out from the benefits of Crestcom. That’s not fair, is it!?

Q: What challenges did you have with your most recent sale in getting them to close?

A: The last few sales have been with repeat customers so the challenges are negligible. Cold call sales and getting the Very Important Top Officer (VITO) on the phone is the biggest challenge—now and always. Once I do schedule an Executive Overview, the balance of the process falls into place.

Q: What challenges overall are you facing as a business owner in your market?

A: As a salesperson, I need to focus my time better so that prospecting is a priority. The funnel needs to stay full. My challenge is always TIME. I cannot manage the 60 hours per week I did 14 years ago, so I need to block time better.

Q: What’s working with the sales process that’s helping your business grow?

A: The Bullet Proof® Manager (BPM) program is better than ever before and that provides great opportunities for add-on business, referrals, and introductions. I had a new client attend one class and have one debrief and he has already referred me to a friend that has resulted in a Leadership Skills Workshop (LSW). I am pretty good at closing LSWs, so I expect a new client soon.

Q: What key things did you wish you knew when you first started compared to what you know today that’s helped contribute to your success?

A: I wish I knew more about the actual modules back when I started. I was selling a product I knew little about. I do some facilitation now and know the videos, content, and exercises quite well. I think that is a prerequisite to selling Bullet Proof® Manager. If you don’t know the product, you cannot sell with the passion and confidence that I do now.

I know I keep saying that I love what I do, but I really do. My dad always said, “love what you do and you will never work a day in your life!” That sums it up for me quite nicely.

Congratulations to Michelle for doing what she loves while creating a steady income. Her story and accomplishments are an inspiration for us all! If you would like to learn more about becoming a Crestcom business owner, contact us today!



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