Crestcom International Announces Product Rebrand: Crestcom L.E.A.D.R. for Life

Crestcom Announces Product Rebrand: Crestcom L.E.A.D.R. for Life

January 2024

Greenwood Village, CO — After more than 35 years in leadership development, Crestcom International is rebranding its comprehensive training program in 2024. Crestcom will now offer its core 12-month program, followed by a quarterly continuing education program for graduates under the new Crestcom L.E.A.D.R. for Life brand. 

The Crestcom L.E.A.D.R. for Life experience begins with Crestcom’s award-winning 12-month core leadership development program. Previously called BPM or BulletProof® Manager, this immersive leadership program will now be known as Crestcom L.E.A.D.R.  The curriculum will remain a live-facilitated (either virtually or in person), blended learning experience focused on 24 core leadership skills and will continue to feature subject matter experts, interactive exercises, role-play simulations and group discussions. 

Crestcom’s continuing education program (formerly CCE) for graduates of the core program will now be known as Crestcom L.E.A.D.R. +. The program has also been revamped to better serve Crestcom L.E.A.D.R. graduates by empowering them to become outcome-driven, people-centric, and highly strategic leaders through a unique group coaching experience. Participants of Crestcom L.E.A.D.R. + will explore cutting-edge leadership concepts, participate in group discussions and collaborate with peers from Crestcom’s global alumni network – all while being led by a trusted Crestcom Coach.

Crestcom has been in leadership development for over 35 years and felt it was time to update the product branding to better represent the organization’s core values and objectives. Each letter of the acronym is a step in the Crestcom learning journey process: Learn, Experience, Adapt, Drive, and Results.

CEO Tammy Berberick explains, “Great leadership requires continuous growth and learning. That’s why we are introducing Crestcom L.E.A.D.R. for Life.  Your team will learn essential leadership skills in our interactive 12-month program, then enhance their abilities to solve current challenges and spot emerging opportunities in collaboration with fellow Crestcom alumni.”

Crestcom’s unique approach to leadership development ensures managers have the resources, time, and support required to translate knowledge into tangible results within their organizations. To learn more about what’s new at Crestcom, visit their website at or contact your local Crestcom representative

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