Samir Mattu Joins the Crestcom Network

Greenwood Village, CO. — Crestcom International is pleased to announce a new authorized licensee, Samir Mattu, President of Satori Leadership Development LLC. Samir will deliver leadership development programs for the Lake County and northern Cook County areas in Illinois.

Samir has 16 years of leadership experience in various roles, from management to investment banking, corporate banking and international trade finance. Samir has always enjoyed new challenges, whether in a board room meeting with the C-suite or wearing a hard hat at a worksite. He has earned both an engineering degree and an MBA and is now dedicated to helping other professionals develop into great leaders.

We asked Samir why he decided to join the Crestcom network. He explained, “The school of hard knocks will always be the default, and many leaders have developed their skills through learning by doing. But this is a slow, erratic and potentially faulty process. Functional leaders need to be really good at their technical roles, but they also need to be strong in leading teams, encouraging collaboration, developing team members, and having a solid understanding of their operations. Businesses turn to Crestcom to help transform their managers into leaders. 75% of Fortune Magazine’s “Most Admired Companies” have participated in the Bullet Proof® Manager (BPM) training, and 98% of our clients have said Crestcom training equaled or exceeded their expectations. For over 30 years, Crestcom has developed business people across the globe in leadership, management, and sales, and I’m excited to be a part of this work.”

Interested in working with Samir? You can reach out to him here.