Jon Bradley Joins the Crestcom Network

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – Crestcom International, LLC is pleased to announce one of its newest additions: Jon Bradley. He joins the Crestcom network as an authorized Crestcom licensee, President of Class V Leadership, delivering leadership development programs in New Hampshire.

Here is what Jon has to say about his decision to partner with Crestcom: 

I have had a variety of roles in technology over the years, such as leading teams in Software Development in telecommunications and IT Operations in the insurance industry.  Among my most fulfilling positions was teaching Computer Science at Merrimack College. My classes were held in the evenings so working professionals could complete their degrees. The students were eager to learn and it was most fulfilling when they grasped new concepts and began to apply them: when things started to “click” for them.

I have been enthusiastic about servant leadership for my entire career. I have seen both good and poor examples of servant leaders during my life in the corporate world. The true leaders who contributed most to my career and life understood the fundamentals of leadership and led by example every day.

After years in the corporate world, the combination of my passions for servant leadership, helping others succeed, and working in a classroom setting have culminated in creating a leadership development business.

It was clear to me after examining Crestcom’s BPM program, attending a few of the workshops, and talking with several licensees that this business was well suited for my desire to help others succeed. I found Crestcom’s approach of measured development paired with accountability most compelling. The Crestcom program is unique compared to many types of training programs I have seen or attended in the past. I see it as a real opportunity to make a difference in both the professional and personal lives of others.

The freedom of being in business for myself allows me to help people succeed, regardless of industry, instead of being limited to one organization.

Interested in working with Jon? Get in touch with him to learn more here.