The Leadership Habit Podcast: A Look Back at 2019 – Legendary Career Coach, Aimee Cohen

The Best of 2019: Legendary Career Coach, Aimee Cohen

In December, The Leadership Habit Podcast will be taking a look back at our first season and reflecting on all we’ve discussed so far. We picked out some of our favorite episodes from the past year to share with you. I hope you enjoy this look back and can’t wait to bring you more information and inspiration in the new year to come. This week I picked season one episode seven take charge of your career with legendary career coach Aimee Cohen. I really enjoyed my conversation with Aimee about her book Woman Up: Overcome the Seven Deadly Sins That Sabotage Your Success. She really inspired our host, Jenn DeWall, to reflect and look at her own bad habits, think about where she was self-sabotaging, understand how she could learn about career development and better create her own personal brand. She’s an inspiration to us this year and we hope that all of our listeners really enjoy the feedback, tips, and tools that she provides, especially for those that are looking to make a change in the 2020 new year.

Career Coach, Keynote Speaker, and author Aimee Cohen has tackled the hottest topics in today’s workplace with a practical and entertaining action-oriented approach. She has more than 20 years of experience as a career coach and has enjoyed working with professional men and women to take control and manage their careers with a nearly 100% success rate. In her book, Woman Up, Aimee shares her tips, tools, secrets, and strategies to overcome self-sabotage.

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Thanks for joining us for a look back at that conversation with career coach, Aimee Cohen. Join us next week, when we take another listen to Andy Bounds and his advice on Sales, Love and Enjoyment. The Leadership Habit Podcast will be back with new episodes after the new year. We have exciting new guests lined up and can’t wait to share them with you. If you’ve enjoyed our series, please feel free to drop into your favorite podcasting app and write a review. Have a great new year!