Franchisee Spotlight – Sandra Edwards

Sandra Edwards shares her advice on Crestcom business success


Sandra Edwards is a perennial sales and revenue leader in the Crestcom organization. Her passion for leadership development,

her commitment to her clients, and her focus on self-care sets an example for all of us to aspire to.

We recently sat down to interview Sandra and learn more about her views on the Crestcom business, and how she has been successful for so long.

Q: What gives you the most joy of working in the leadership development industry?

A: I am passionate about building partners for life as I watch my leaders invest in their people developing them into great leaders who now, in turn, can develop others in a succession planning mode. They create a wonderful culture of engaged, motivated and committed team members. My favorite part of my business is the follow-up debriefings each month.

Q: What industries are you finding success with?

A: Construction and any affiliated fields of engineers, land surveyors, environmental specialists, etc., trucking companies, car dealerships, and the medical field.

Q: Are there specific industries you target? Why or why not?

A: I target the above companies because they are busy and doing well.

Q: What challenges did you have with your most recent sale in getting them to close?

A: The challenge in getting Presidents/Owners to close is that I am not number one on their agenda. They may have bought another business, put in a new SAP system, are hiring more people, moving their location, etc.It’s tough to get them to focus on developing their managers and leaders when they have so much more going on in their businesses.

Q: What challenges overall are you facing in your market?

A: Time is the biggest challenge. My goal is to keep all my existing customers while continuing to bring in new business. At the same time, I need to keep fit and healthy to have an excellent energy level (as health is everything) and have time for my husband and my seven brothers and sisters and 29 nieces and nephews!

Q: What key things did you wish you knew when you first started compared to what you know today that’s helped contribute to your success?

A: Since I started my Crestcom business 17 and a half years ago, I always focused on the Crestcom franchisees that were most successful and learned from them. I continue to do that.

I love my Crestcom business and my clients have become my friends. My leaders confide in me and know that I will always offer excellent customer service as they know I genuinely care about them, their team and their ultimate success.

Sandra Edwards is a prime example of how hard work, passion, and determination breeds success in the Crestcom franchise business. She is a master salesperson and excellent leadership development facilitator and coach. Her hard work and excellence has built her a solid foundation of clients who love working with her, continue to send managers to her courses, and send her referrals.

If you’d like to learn more about what it’s like to work with passionate leadership development professionals like Sandra, and how being a Crestcom franchise owner can help you achieve your own business success, contact us today!