Crestcom Welcomes Newest Franchisee in Austria, Wolfgang Pichler

Like many Crestcom franchisees, Wolfgang Pichler is the kind of person that dreams of giving something back to the world and trying to make it a little better of a place. He also felt the urge to become his own boss while using his years of executive experience. After many years of practical management experience, and after attending many leadership seminars himself, Wolfgang Pichler decided it was time to pass on his experiences to the next generation of managers. 

Knowing that he wanted to be able to focus his time and energy on growing his business and working with his customers, Pichler was drawn to the Crestcom franchise opportunity. Becoming a Crestcom franchisee means that he can tap into decades of leadership development content, rather than having to create it on his own. It also means that he can use the company’s brand image and proven business development processes to give him the confidence to launch into business ownership.

“The Crestcom franchise system offers a first-class opportunity to pass on this practical knowledge in a professional and perfectly prepared way,” explains Pichler. “This saves me time and gives me a quick introduction to the management training business.”

At the beginning of his professional career, Wolfgang had a boss who could motivate him tremendously. Over the years, he learned a lot from him about how positivity propels personal and team motivation. He later worked with a management trainer to design and develop his teams once Wolfgang became a junior manager himself.

“Both of these men were really leadership role models for me. They helped me form a leadership philosophy that has evolved throughout my career,” says Pichler.

Wolfgang Pichler is the kind of leader who can be characterized as having a positive attitude while being able to keep his sight on constructive goals and values. He has spent years leading employees and colleagues with positive and constructive goals. He thrives on helping others and loves taking on the role of a trainer and mentor. “However, I never lose my sight of the goal!”

Wolfgang is looking forward to working with businesses and their people in his region of Austria. He’s passionate about working with customers and young executives to help them thrive in their careers—and in their personal lives. He’s also looking forward to being able to work with his new network of experienced and professional team of colleagues in the global Crestcom franchise system.

Welcome, Wolfgang! We’re very excited that you’ve joined us here at Crestcom, and we know you’re going to do wonderful things for your local businesses.

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