Crestcom Franchisees Meet In Dublin To Hone Sales Skills

Crestcom Franchisees Meet In Dublin To Hone Sales Skills

What better place to hone Crestcom sales skills to earn more green than the Emerald Isle itself?

Crestcom’s annual Regional Training Camps move around the globe to hone skills, learn new approaches, and sharpen up the Crestcom’s proven sales process. While connecting franchisees with fellow colleagues in their region, we kicked off early in the fall in Mexico City for our LATAM training camp. Next came Niagara Falls for North American franchisees. Now we’ve just wrapped the European edition in Ireland where 40 franchisees from around Europe came together to discuss business opportunities and learn how to leverage new learnings.

Success isn’t built on luck. It’s crafted out of hard work, persistence, patience, and passion. That is why Crestcom corporate leaders and franchisees gather for Regional Training Camps (and our International Meeting) every year.

“The Regional Training Camps are so important for bringing us back to the basics. We can all experience setbacks and disappointments in our businesses, but how we react is the key to our success,” says Brendan O’Brien Crestcom franchisee from Nenagh, Ireland. “Tammy and Paul brought us back to the basics in Dublin and reminded us of the value we bring to people’s lives, even beyond the classroom.”

During the session, Crestcom’s Director of Global Franchise Development, Paul Weston, walked franchisees through a thorough training of the critical components of the Crestcom sales process. Called the Executive Overview in Crestcom vernacular, this first meeting with company leaders to introduce the Crestcom leadership development product is critical to moving prospects closer to revenue.

The Executive Overview (or EO) has been a part of Crestcom franchisees’ sales process for years. And like all good sales organizations, Crestcom is constantly testing new approaches, sharing results, adjusting, and improving. While this is important to the ongoing improvement of sales outcomes, it can also result in suboptimal deviations from the tried-and-true, successful approach in some franchisee organizations.

For these two reasons, the EO has been a major focus of this year’s Regional Training Camps. On one hand, newer approaches to conducting the EO have been found to be highly successful and we are sharing those approaches with franchisees around the world who have yet to learn and/or implement them. On the other hand, franchisees who have been experimenting with their own approaches and are not experiencing the level of success in converting new business need to be led “back to the fold”.

O’Brien explains further: “Paul’s thorough dissection of the EO was invaluable. I’m now approaching the EO in a new light, having discovered the ‘why’ to a lot of the script.”

We think about our Regional Training Camps as “eating our own dog food”. School is never out for the pro, and we need to always be learning how to be better at what we do. These meetings are opportunities for us to apply what we teach companies and leaders around the world to our own business.

“Regional Training Camps are a key element of how the Crestcom organization operates,” explains Nadine Gits, Crestcom franchisee of Belgium and Luxemburg. “We gain new insights into leadership development and share best practices in how to continue to improve customer experiences in our program. We discuss business opportunities and leverage learnings from headquarters and experienced franchisees on how to increase our own return on revenues. And we hold ourselves accountable to put our learnings to work to add value to our business.”

The less formal parts of Regional Training Camps are a way for franchisees to reconnect and renew their sense of community. “In many ways, it’s like meeting with old friends and very often making new ones,” says Gits. “Many different kinds of stories get shared around a meal and drinks.”

A good sign of a successful meeting is how participants feel coming out of it. More often than not, we hear franchisees express their renewed sense of energy and excitement that re-ignites their passion for their business purpose.

“I have come away from the RTC both inspired and with a new sense of purpose, and also with a renewed confidence in myself and in the Crestcom offerings,” says O’Brien. “It is essential to attend these meetings. We need to meet our colleagues face to face to share best practice, and to move forward together to achieve our own personal goals and the overall goals of the wider Crestcom family.”

“I always come back from these meetings with renewed energy and clear actions that I can apply to my daily operations,” explains Gits. “It is an essential way of making sure that I still track to my personal and business goals.”



Nadine Gits Overview of Dublin RTC 



Thank you, Tammy and Paul, for facilitating a great Regional Training Camp. Next up our annual International Meeting in Phoenix Arizona in February 2019!



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