Training Continuity During COVID-19


Training Continuity During COVID-19


At this unprecedented time, I want to let you know that we at Crestcom are thinking about you, and we are here to help. We are an organization committed to supporting the success of organizations like yours by developing exceptional leaders.

We are pleased to announce that our award-winning leadership curriculum is available to our customers virtually.  Crestcom has adapted its live-facilitated, interactive training curriculum to be delivered online without compromising the interactive nature of the experience. 

Over the past year, Crestcom has been refining its virtual classroom experience.  Because Crestcom’s expert facilitators had adapted its content to leverage in a virtual live classroom, Crestcom’s team was ready to deploy this delivery method to support its participants throughout the world within days.

Crestcom serves several thousand participants in locations throughout the world as they evolve through their leadership journey.  With unprecedented situations such as the novel coronavirus outbreak, strong organizational leadership is more critical than ever.  Crestcom is committed to continuing to develop leaders everywhere to prepare them and their organizations for the challenges ahead.

Please let us know how we can best assist you.

Here’s What Some of Our Participants Are Saying

“Great job of adjusting to the current situation by delivering the session through the zoom application. I’m so happy to be continuing with this course though these challenging times.”

“This was the first module provided virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic that I have attended, and I thought it was executed terrifically. Well done all around with the facilitation keeping everyone involved and active and the technological management being on point.”

“I truly enjoyed the remote Crestcom session yesterday. It honestly seems like a great way to deliver content. Being on camera, everyone is more aware of paying attention and responding.”

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