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Mark McGuire
London/windsor, Canada

Bio Picture: Mark McGuire
Mark McGuire is a seasoned yet spirited business professional with Corporate Sales, Coaching, Leadership, Entrepreneurial and Facilitation experience. In his first career, Mark was a professional European Athlete and Coach. He learned about the importance of continuous performance improvement and development with and from world class athletes. Mark is a graduate of St Clair College, University of Windsor and The Goethe Institut (Munich). He has worked with clients in the manufacturing, insurance, financial services, transportation, retail and technology sectors. Mark is also a Coaching Association of Canada Learning Facilitator. His volunteer experience includes Director of Caribou Boys Camp and Evaluator with a Competitive Under 17 Provincial selection committee . Mark and his wife Karen are proud parents of 5 children and live near Windsor, Ontario.

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  • , London/windsor, Ontario, Canada
  • 519-791-9100

“What helps people, helps business” - Leo Burnett

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