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Kiran Mann
Brampton, Canada

Bio Picture: Kiran Mann
Promoting Productivity and Efficiency by Developing Managers into Leaders.
Kiran Mann was born and raised in Army family in India. Fortunate of upbringing in army campuses where diversity, self-discipline, lead by example, time-management is default, she grew up by learning the importance of a true leader. She studied Economics and Political Science from University of Toronto and currently pursuing Executive MBA with Ivey School of Business (Western University). In her professional life, she worked as a senior executive in Automotive Manufacturing where learning was taken to the next level. Consistency, planning, execution is one of the answer to overcome challenges in manufacturing.
As a strong believer of good leadership and passionate to support businesses around, Kiran joined Crestcom International. Crestcom’s program is focused on well-blended, interactive learning experiences to help businesses produce real business results by building credible leaders and dynamic teams. Encouraged by family, friends and clients, Kiran is also supporting businesses as a Business Advisor.
In her free time, Kiran loves to travel and enjoy nature with her husband and kids. Kiran’s favourite personal moments are the ones spent with her three daughters.
Grateful to the neighborhood, Kiran is passionate to give back to her community. Kiran is closely involved and member of Women Leadership Committee, Business Learning Committee, Human Resources Committee and International Trade Committee. Kiran enjoys her mother-daughters time by being a team and volunteer in various local chapters.

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  • 7 Crowsnest Crescent, Brampton, Ontario L6r1e2, Canada
  • 6479803124

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