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Harold Goldberg
Toronto, Canada

Bio Picture: Harold Goldberg
Harold knows that it takes a great leadership team to drive success in any organization. Harold is an experienced financial management consultant who has advised dozens of companies during his 30-year career. Some of the companies he has worked with include: CIBC Bank, BMO Financial Group, PepsiCo, Investors Group and Cadillac Fairview Shopper Centres. During his long career Harold helped hundreds of successful High Net Worth individuals achieve financial success.
In order to maintain a powerful leadership team you need to constantly train them on practical ways to be better managers and leaders. That is why Harold chose to use the award winning Crestcom Leadership and Management Training Program as the tool by which he helps companies drive results through the Bullet Proof Manager Program.These programs have a track record of producing an average ROI in excess of 600% over 12 months. This ROI is measured carefully during the monthly training and follow-up debrief sessions.
Crestcom programs emphasize involvement, teamwork, participation, and leadership development. They represent an innovative departure from traditional training methodology. Perhaps the most impressive thing about Crestcom training is that it works with all sizes of organizations from small local companies to multi-national giants. These programs offer practical tools for leaders who are working on being the best they can be.
For more information about how Harold has helped companies just like yours improve their bottom line contact Harold by email: or on his direct line at (416) 828-2439

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  • 209-10 Shallmar Blvd, Toronto, Ontario M5n 1j4, Canada
  • (416) 828-2439

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar -

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