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Bart Kohnhorst
Dallas Fort Worth Denton (north Texas), United States

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At Crestcom we make our world better by developing stronger, more ethical leaders. Our interactive leadership development produces real bottom line results for organizations. For over 30 years, Crestcom has worked with over 1 million managers providing our award-winning and accredited curriculum across 64 countries. Crestcom's global network has worked with over 20,000 large to small organizations, across all industries. Currently developing tomorrow’s leaders in areas such as the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Denton regions. Contact this local office to see how we can best serve your professional development needs.
Bart Kohnhorst is President and Founder of LGS-Crestcom. His prior responsibilities include operational, marketing and sales leadership roles at Citrix, Samsung, Nortel, GE and leading startups such as Vidyo (telehealth), Novo1 (business process, contact center) and consulting.
When he is not training managers and helping companies reach for higher performance, Bart may be out on one of his bikes, cooking a meal or enjoying the company of his wonderful family.

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  • , Dallas Fort Worth Denton (north Texas), Texas 75093, United States
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Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. - Peter Drucker

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