Write Your Own Success Story with Megan Gluth-Bohan

How to Write Your Own Success Story with Megan Gluth-Bohan

On this week’s episode of The Leadership Habit podcast, Jenn DeWall talks to Megan Gluth-Bohan, CEO and Owner of TRInternational, Inc., about how anyone can write their own success story. Megan is sharing her story of overcoming hardship and challenges to eventually become the CEO and owner of TRInternational Inc., a Leading US-based raw material and chemical services provider.  

Now, Megan is using her story to help other leaders achieve their visions while keeping their heads firmly planted on their shoulders. You don’t want to miss this inspiring episode! Tune in to learn how to write your own success story, no matter where you are starting from!

Meet Megan Gluth-Bohan, CEO 

Megan Gluth-Bohan’s success was far from guaranteed. Born in rural Iowa, she lived a childhood marked by the experience and trauma of poverty and faced poor opportunities for advancement. She failed out of college, struggled with alcoholism, and experienced tremendous personal tragedy at her lowest points. Yet, thanks to her commitment to self-accountability and compassion from those around her,  Megan rose from rock bottom and rewrote her story. 

Most recently, Megan has followed her passion for helping others embrace who they are and where they are so they can move forward to reach their goals.

Where You Are is the PERFECT Place to Start

As the episode begins, Jenn introduces Megan and her mission to help others reach their dreams. Jenn asks what Megan’s number one message would be for anyone wanting to write their success story. 

Without missing a beat, Megan replies, “Where you are is the perfect place to start!” Jenn asks her to explain since so many people are not where they want to be or where they would like to be. 

Megan explains, “ That’s okay. I think all of life is learning to stand exactly where we’re at and accept it, right? And acceptance is probably the hardest thing that I still work on to this day. Acceptance of what is. 

That doesn’t mean you have to like it. That doesn’t mean that you have to endorse it. That doesn’t mean you even have to be proud of yourself in this moment, but being truthful with yourself is powerful. 

It’s more powerful than being proud of yourself because people who are truthful with themselves can move in any direction they want with intention and purpose and actually get there. And pride in yourself is important. And it’s good to have self-love and confidence in all of that. I’m not knocking that, but none of that comes until you’re standing in truth. 

Because you won’t even be really proud of yourself unless you’re proud of who you truly are. And so I have this life’s mission of saying where you are is the perfect place to start. The first part of that is knowing exactly where you are.” 

Writing Your Own Success Story Means Owning Your Story

Later, Jenn and Megan discuss their journeys to where they are today. Megan shares her story of growing up without advantages, struggling through trauma, and experiencing loss, grief, addiction and other hardships along the way. 

She explains that “where I find myself standing today was hard fought. And where I find myself standing today is pretty great. And I really like where I’m standing today, but it’s important that people know that some of my starting places were really ugly places, and I wasn’t proud of who I was, and I wasn’t doing the right thing. But I had to start there. I think that’s why I keep hammering where you are is the perfect place to start. Because it is perfect– even if you don’t feel perfect about it, it is a perfect place to start.”

3 Common Myths About Success

Later in the episode, Megan shares three common myths about being successful.

Myth #1: You have to have your “stuff” together before you can get started. 

Megan cautions the listeners not to delay their goals. She explains that it is common for people to think, “As soon as I lose 10lbs, I’ll be confident enough to start working on my dreams.” or “As soon as I have X amount of dollars, I’ll try something new.” You can start your journey to success even if you don’t have it all together yet! 

Myth #2: You Just Aren’t Enough 

Megan explains that it is very common for people to get stuck on their path because they believe they aren’t enough of this or that to succeed. It takes work to overcome those feelings of self-doubt, that “I’m not good enough, or smart enough or attractive enough to succeed.” Megan reminds the audience that no one is given a vision of themselves that they do not have the capacity to reach. 

Myth #3: My Goal Isn’t Good Enough

The third myth people get caught up in is that their vision of success isn’t enough for other people. The world is full of people who will tell you your goal is silly or that you shouldn’t want to do X, you should want to do Y. Megan urges people to have faith in their own vision and not to let other people’s opinions keep you from reaching your goals. 

What if Your Vision of Success Changes? 

Later, Jenn and Megan discuss how to take ownership of your personal vision of success. Megan shares that your vision isn’t set in stone. You may start dreaming about starting a different career and later find that you want to change course again. 

Megan explains, “It is okay to pivot. It’s okay for that vision to change. It’s okay for all of that to be in flux and in flow. The important thing we’re looking for you to do is to be in tune with what that’s saying. Because it’s telling you something that you want and need for yourself, and you need to be the person who chases that for yourself. No one else is going to do that for you. 

And that’s the hard part of this, right? No one owes you your happiness, your peace, your fulfillment. Like no one owes you that. So it’s on you. And if you don’t have it, that is also on you. And that’s the super hard other side of this conversation.” 

Megan’s Tips for Writing Your Own Success Story

As the episode wraps up, Jenn asks Megan to share some of her personal tips for keeping your “head on straight” while pursuing your goals. 

  • Tip 1: Ask for help! No one succeeds alone. When you need someone to talk to, when you are having negative thought patterns, or when you are struggling with something, it is okay to ask for help! Megan shares that she struggles with feeling shame about asking for help but has worked on building a group of friends, family and professionals that she can reach out to. 
  • Tip 2: Create Positive Habits and Routines. Part of Megan’s success story was learning to be disciplined about routines, nutrition and managing her energy. She is careful about what media she consumes and sticks to healthy habits regarding diet, meditation and exercise. She encourages listeners to figure out what routines make them feel energized and in the right mindset to work toward their goals. 
  • Tip 3: Mind Your Thoughts. Megan explains the importance of managing your thoughts by sharing a personal story.

“When I was early in sobriety, in AA, my sponsor said to me, first thought, worst thought, or she’d just say, first thought wrong. Whatever your default first thought that you go to, particularly in matters about yourself, it’s probably wrong…

…So, as an example, maybe you are presented with the opportunity to have a project that would lead to a promotion. If you have a certain internal wiring, your first thought is gonna be, I’m not smart enough to do that. I don’t have the capacity to do that. That first thought is wrong. It’s wrong. You know how I know it’s wrong? I don’t know your circumstances. I don’t know your boss. I don’t know, whatever. But no one would’ve brought that to you if they thought you weren’t smart enough and you didn’t have the capacity. 

You’re the one that’s wrong there. First thought, worst thought, take it out, set it aside. Give it a little lunch. Tell it to take a break, and get into your heart and get into kind of the union of your head and your heart about who you really know yourself to be. And frankly, trust that boss or that friend or whatever who’s offering you that.”

Where to Connect with Megan Gluth-Bohan

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