How to Live Your Best Life with Andy Fell

How to Live Your Best Life with Andy Fell, Author of The Rocking Chair Test

Hi everyone, it’s Jenn DeWall, and in this episode, we welcome Andy Fell back to The Leadership Habit! After almost 20 years of senior leadership roles and financial services in the UK and Australia, Andy left a highly successful career in 2017 to found GiFT631, a four-pillared leadership team and personal development business. 

As a coach, conference speaker, business consultant, and leadership and talent development program facilitator, Andy’s passion and expertise center on helping people, teams, and businesses unlock their potential by creating high-performance cultures. He provides simple, practical, actionable, and experience-based frameworks, strategies, and routines for all sectors and experience levels. 

Andy’s core purpose is to help people live their best life and pass The Rocking Chair Test

Episode Summary

Jenn DeWall welcomes Andy Fell back to the podcast as the episode opens. He was previously a guest on the show in November 2020. Andy introduces himself to the audience, explaining his background and how he came to write his new book, The Rocking Chair Test: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming #FutureYou

Andy explains the concept of the rocking chair test. He shares how Sir Richard Branson inspired him. Branson advises people to think about how they will feel when they’re older, sitting in a rocking chair and looking back at their life. Andy explains his book is meant to inspire people to get unstuck, reignite their spark and reach their full potential. 

Many people are held back by their self-belief, self-esteem, and self-confidence. This can keep people from living life to the fullest. However, by working on your mindset, you can improve your life. Jenn and Andy discuss how his new book sets up a practical framework for personal growth by setting goals, spending time effectively, and practicing good habits long term. 

Give Yourself Permission to Live Your Best Life

Next, Jenn asks Andy how people can learn to allow themselves to make decisions that create the life they want. They discuss how many people rely too heavily on external validation. Depending on the opinions of friends and family instead of your intuition can lead to problems. Then, Andy explains the importance of self-validation, but that doesn’t mean you stop receiving feedback from others. However, you learn to separate feedback from criticism. 

Setting SMUUT Goals

Andy then explains his approach to setting goals to move toward your dream life. His SMUUT goals are: 

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Un-realistic
  • Un-achievable
  • Time Bound

He shares that he knows these goals are massive and doesn’t expect to achieve them fully. However, getting 50% closer to that goal will take him further out of his comfort zone. By setting bigger goals, you will get further than when you set realistic “SMART” goals. 

The 4 M Routine to Live Your Best Life

Next, Andy and Jenn talk about his 4M routine for creating the right mindset to live your best life. He breaks down his routine into four M’s: 

  1. Movement – He starts his day with some movement or exercise. 
  2. Mind Cleanse – Then, he does some journaling to clear his mind. 
  3. Meditation – Next, he takes time to manage stress through meditation. 
  4. Mozart Time – Finally, he spends time thinking without interruptions.  

He also recommends using tools like affirmations and gratitude practices to maintain a healthy mindset. 

Where to Find More from Andy Fell

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