Crestcom Canada Celebrates Fourth CHRR Award Win in Five Years, Recognizing Excellence in Leadership Development

Crestcom Canada’s continued recognition reflects their ongoing commitment to transforming leaders and organizations


Greenwood Village, COCrestcom Canada Celebrates Fourth CHRR Award Win in Five Years, Recognizing Excellence in Leadership Development

Crestcom Canada, a leading provider of leadership development and training programs, proudly announces their fourth consecutive win of the prestigious Canadian Human Resources Recognition (CHRR) Award. This remarkable achievement underscores Crestcom Canada’s commitment to empowering organizations with effective leadership skills and dedication to excellence.

The CHRR Award, one of the most esteemed accolades in the human resources industry, honors organizations that demonstrate exceptional achievements in developing and nurturing leadership talent. Crestcom Canada’s consistent recognition over the past five years is a testament to its unmatched expertise and relentless pursuit of empowering leaders at all levels.

“Our team at Crestcom Canada is honoured to receive the CHRR Award for the fourth time in five years. This recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to developing exceptional leaders who drive organizational success,” said Vickey Gibson, Managing Partner in Eastern Canada. “We are incredibly proud of our team and grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients across Canada.”

Crestcom Canada’s leadership development programs have played a pivotal role in transforming organizations across industries, equipping leaders with the skills and knowledge required to successfully navigate today’s rapidly changing business landscape. By blending cutting-edge research, real-world experiences, and interactive learning, Crestcom Canada has consistently delivered measurable results, enhancing the performance and productivity of countless organizations.

With a focus on continuous improvement and innovation, Crestcom Canada has adapted their programs to meet the evolving needs of leaders in the digital era. Their comprehensive offerings include immersive workshops and online learning platforms that facilitate skill development, foster collaboration, and promote lasting behaviour change.

“Receiving the CHRR Award affirms our dedication to providing world-class leadership development solutions,” said Ken Strilchuk, Managing Partner Western Canada. “We are immensely proud of our team’s collective effort in making a positive impact on the leaders and organizations we serve.”

Crestcom Canada’s CHRR Award win is a testament to their long-standing commitment to excellence in leadership development. As they celebrate this achievement, Crestcom Canada looks forward to continuing their mission of equipping leaders with the necessary tools to drive organizational success in the years to come.


About Crestcom Canada

Crestcom Canada is a leading provider of leadership development and training programs. With a proven track record of success, Crestcom Canada empowers organizations to cultivate effective leadership skills, foster collaboration, and achieve sustainable growth. Through their innovative learning solutions, including workshops and online platforms, Crestcom Canada equips leaders with the knowledge and skills to navigate complex business challenges successfully. With their fourth CHRR Award win in five years, Crestcom Canada continues to be a trusted partner for organizations seeking to unlock their leadership potential. We are Proven not Promised.

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