Minisode: How to Cope with a Layoff and Move Forward with Jenn DeWall

How to Cope with a Layoff and Move Forward with Jenn DeWall

In this week’s Mini-sode of The Leadership Habit Podcast, host Jenn DeWall talks about how to cope with a layoff. Many people are dealing with job loss or the fear of losing their job right now. If you or someone you know is going through this, it is essential to understand how to manage the emotional impact. Remember, there are always new opportunities to be taken advantage of. 

In this post, we’ll summarize Jenn’s tips for managing stress and anxiety, exploring alternative career options, focusing on what you can control, and supporting team members after layoffs.

Coping with Emotions After Being Laid Off

Layoffs can be emotionally challenging for both those affected and the survivors. It’s common for individuals who have been laid off to blame themselves and engage in self-blame and rumination. 

To manage your mental health, it’s essential to practice emotional literacy—defining, identifying, and understanding our emotions. By acknowledging our emotions, such as grief, confusion, anger, worry, and anxiety, we can process and release them. It’s crucial to let go of shame and remember that a job loss does not reflect our worth.

Focus on What You Can Control

During times of uncertainty, it’s important to establish a routine and structure in your daily life. This helps provide a sense of stability and accountability. 

You can take control by: 

  • Staying informed about industry trends
  • Investing in additional skills training
  • Expanding your professional network
  • Re-evaluating your previous role or industry 

By shifting your focus to what you can control, you can navigate the challenging circumstances with more confidence and resilience.

Exploring Alternative Career Options

A layoff can be an opportunity to explore different career paths or even consider entrepreneurship. Before jumping into the job hunt, take time to think outside the box. Rather than fixating on a specific job title, focus on your skills and how you can leverage them in various industries. 

Instead of finding a new job, maybe you could create one! Being your own boss offers flexibility, autonomy, continuous learning, financial benefits, and a sense of purpose. Many successful entrepreneurs have started their own ventures after experiencing a layoff. It’s essential to embrace the possibilities and channel your pain into a new career path.

Supporting Team Members after Layoffs

If you’re a leader managing a team that has experienced layoffs, it’s crucial to provide support and understanding to your employees. Acknowledge the emotional impact and create an open space for dialogue. 

Encourage team members to express their feelings and concerns while offering resources for coping with the changes. Establishing a sense of stability and reassurance will help your team navigate the post-layoff period more effectively.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with layoffs can be a challenging experience, both emotionally and professionally. By understanding and managing our emotions, and focusing on what we can control, we can turn this difficult time into an opportunity for personal growth and positive change. Remember, layoffs do not define our worth, and with resilience and determination, we can thrive in the face of adversity.