Ottawa Gains New Leadership Training Expert

Ottawa Gains New Leadership Training Expert

Crestcom welcomes new franchisee and leadership development expert, Trevor Hains, to the Ottawa market.

Trevor Hains

Ottawa businesses have gained an extraordinary new resource in leadership development. Crestcom is excited to welcome an accomplished leader and all-around genuine person, Trevor Hains.

Trevor Hains has a philosophy, in life and in leadership, that one must grow from within to reach your true potential. This philosophy has propelled him throughout his career to develop his experiences in broad areas of business.

“You have to be adaptable,” explains Hains. “Your leadership style can’t be stagnant, it has to evolve to address the business and people challenges that people face every day. You can’t box yourself into one style.”

Talking with Trevor, you feel that growth mindset in his demeanor and in his words. He’s the type of person that you immediately know you could learn more from in a 30-minute conversation than you could from reading most business books. His background also has a lot to do with that. With over 25 years of experience and management and leadership, Hains’ professional experience spans from sales management to operations, human resources to learning and development.

“I’ve been very fortunate to have taken on many jobs and work for many leaders,” says Trevor. “I can draw on each of them from many different situations. And that’s what’s really helped me grow, is seeing how different people handle different situations.”

When Trevor decided it was time to start the next chapter in his career, he became interested in business ownership. He wanted to take what he had learned in his experience and apply it to helping businesses in Ottawa improve. As he explored his options, he became particularly interested in management and leadership training.

“It’s a critical component, and organizations just don’t put enough emphasis on the development of their managers and leaders. But they are beginning to understand the importance of it to long-term success,” explains Hains. “I’ve seen and experienced the impact that a leader can have on productivity, so I love helping leaders and businesses become more successful.”

When he came across Crestcom, he liked the idea of starting a business where the curriculum and the training content was already created for him. Having a long learning and development background, Hains knows that the most difficult part of starting a training business (or program) is the toughest part. Becoming a Crestcom franchisee would provide him access to great content that is continually being developed and updated by professional instructional designers, based on adult learning research. He also liked the measured development learning model, which delivers training in small chunks over time and focuses on application and accountability.

“We’ve all been to training workshops that we promptly forgot about within a week,” says Trevor. “I like the accountability and the coaching aspect. I like that I get to meet with participants and their supervisors between classroom session to discuss their progress, monitor challenges, and coach them to grow.”

The variety of businesses and people he gets to interact with also interested Trevor’s growth mindset. “It keeps me current, agile to understand a wide breadth of businesses and industries.”

Trevor looks forward to establishing relationships with people in the Ottawa area, and through his business, having some very robust, serious conversations about the development and growth of people in the organizations he works with.

“I really look forward to building a community of professionals who see the value of growing from within in Ottawa,” says Hains. “And taking the experiences and knowledge that I have and helping them package it into their own unique style to bring about greater success. That is what I really love and am looking forward to.”

Trevor’s advice for others thinking about becoming a Crestcom franchisee?

“It’s not easy,” he says. “You truly need to have a passion for the learning and teaching and listening. Seeing other people succeed and if you don’t, it’s a bit of a struggle. It’s the Level 5 Leadership from Good to Great—it’s about seeking success so the team can thrive, rather than your own glory.”

Trevor is inspired by people who succeed in spite of the odds. Those people who see challenges as motivation, rather than excuses. One such person is his wife, a leader in a male-dominated industry who started her career at the bottom of the corporate ladder as a single mother of two. “I look to people who have the perseverance to overcome adversity to become successful even though the odds are stacked against them.”

Welcome to Crestcom, Trevor! We are so excited to have you as part of the community and can’t wait to see what you can accomplish by helping business leaders in Ottawa Grow from Within.




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