Crestcom Sales Bootcamp Goes to Mexico City

Crestcom hosted the inaugural LATAM Bootcamp this month with franchisees from the Latin American and Caribbean region in Mexico City. Designed and organized as a sales boot camp, it was a great opportunity for franchisees to get back to the basics of our proven sales process. It is also a time for franchisees to come together as a community; to reconnect and enjoy a common purpose.

“It has been a while since I’ve been able to sit in one place and remain engaged throughout. It’s a reflection of the organization of the boot camp and the materials that have been shared. It has been absolutely beneficial to me. Thanks to Eduardo, to Paul, to Tammy. I am sure my business is going to do even better thanks to this experience.” — Trevor Little, Jamaica

As in many practices, we sometimes find that we become complacent in our ways. The ability to combat complacency is one of the key benefits to becoming part of a tight-knit leadership training community like Crestcom. One could almost call it a “Reboot-Camp” for this very reason. Many realized they had allowed a few bad habits to slip into their business practices, and were engaged in the opportunity to come together and sharpen their saw.

“Bootcamp was amazing! For me, it was really clear that the mistake I was making was over-selling. I’ve learned how to take a more consultative approach to selling and provide value to the prospective client. It was the most effective training sessions that I have ever been to.” — Heidi Achong, Costa Rica

LATAM Sales Bootcamp Day 1: We focused on the need for consistent marketing activity and planned out our activity levels for the remainder of the year. Although franchisees are fundamentally accountable to themselves, we all need a bit of a push from our peers every now and then! This was a great day to really focus on sales and marketing activity and get organized on what our calendars should look like for the rest of the year.

“One of the best ideas that is going to improve my business in the Dominican Republic is that I’m going to start visiting more small and medium-sized companies. I’ve mostly been working with very large companies, and there is a huge opportunity for me in these other markets. Paul and Eduardo have been amazing, I have learned so much. I’m am very grateful that I attended this year.” — Ingrid Martinez, Dominican Republic

LATAM Sales Bootcamp Day 2: We covered the Executive Overview (EO) presentation, which was broken down in the morning and after lunch. Each participant was required to “stand and deliver” their own EO in front of their peers – possibly the toughest EO they will ever do! But, the ability to get open, honest feedback from peers is critical to improving the skills needed to develop their businesses.

“It was a great opportunity to refresh some of my knowledge and to gain better techniques that I can start using now.” — Marielos Aldi, Costa Rica


“I was very glad that I was in this boot camp. It gives me so much energy and we see so many things that we can do better. Paul is a very, very good coach! He showed us how to take a more consultative approach to selling and it was great to see it in action and learn.” — Shirley Sitaldin, Suriname

LATAM Sales Bootcamp Day 3: On the final morning, franchisees witnessed a full Leadership Skills Workshop as prospective clients in order to see how full energy plays such an important part in delivery.

“It has been a great experience for me. The demonstration of how we should do things to gain the trust of our clients has been very powerful for me. Thank you very much and thanks to Crestcom!” — Jose Fernando Agudelo

LATAM franchisees left boot camp fully armed with many skills to help set them up for success over the remainder of the year. They also left with a renewed sense of energy one can only get from spending time with a group of wonderful, passionate, and like-minded people.

“Great experience! I think it was one of the best Bootcamps in Crestcom and I really enjoyed it.” — Gabriela Soto

What’s next for us? We’re taking the Sales Bootcamp on the road! Next stop: Niagara Falls, Canada!