Karla Telles and Lindberg Araya Join the Crestcom Network

Crestcom International, LLC is pleased to announce two of its newest additions, Karla Telles and Lindberg Araya, who have joined the Crestcom network as franchisees delivering leadership development programs in Costa Rica.

Karla majored in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, and a master’s degree in organizational psychology. Karla worked for different multinational and regional companies such as Kraft Foods, Philip Morris and Nestle in specialist and managerial Human Resources positions, responsible for Costa Rica & Central America Region for more than twenty years of her career.

During the last ten years, Karla was a Senior HR Manager and developed strategic processes such as cultural change, organizational structure, competency models and has been certified as an internal trainer.

Karla says, “In my experience, an organization that invests in the development of its leaders – both personally and professionally – generates permanent impact on their results, their culture and their teams.”

Lindberg started his career as a Junior Finances Consultant with DELOITTE. He’s also worked across Human Resource positions with companies such as IBM, MAERSK, and TELETECH. Most recently, Lindberg has focused on adding operational excellence discipline to his career.

Lindberg explains, “After being in business for quite some time and understanding the differences among cultures and human preferences, I finally made the decision to share this experience with the business community.”

Both originally from Costa Rica, Lindberg and Karla are ready to bring leadership development opportunities to their community.

To get in touch with Karla and Lindberg, please click here for Karla or here for Lindberg to learn more.

About Crestcom: Crestcom International LLC is an international leadership development organization that has trained more than 1 million leaders for 25,000 businesses in 60 countries across the globe. Crestcom does this through a unique blend of live-facilitated multimedia video, interactive exercises, and shared learning experiences, followed up by action plans and accountability sessions to ensure measured development in key leadership competency areas. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Jenny Bridges at jennifer.bridges@crestcom.com.