Crestcom's Training Programs


Crestcom's Training Programs


Our management development programs are specifically designed to produce real, measurable results. Our corporate training programs are where your managers connect and grow. Participants work alongside their management peers from other companies and industries. Managers will expand their knowledge of proven management strategies that they will apply to your organizational development.

Bulletproof Manager

Interactive in person training program

Our interactive management training program ensures that your team will embed, solidify, and institutionalize what they learn during their Crestcom experience. Your managers walk away with tools, techniques, and how-to systems that they can apply to their daily lives to become more successful and efficient as both managers and leaders.

International Supervisor

Crestcom International Supervisor (CIS) Program

(CIS) Crestcom International Supervisor Program

Crestcom International Supervisor Program is a 6-Module program designed for lower-level management team members, supervisors, and potential supervisors. CIS is perfect for starting to ensure that your team members are ready for the next step in their careers.

Continuing Education

Build on your leadership development

(CCE) The program you can take after you have graduated from Bullet Proof Manager

Bullet Proof® Manager graduates can subscribe to our continuing education program to ensure that their leadership development investment continues to deliver results. CCE subscribers attend one class per quarter on a new leadership topic. Each course is developed based on emerging leadership trends and business research.

Leadership Skills Session

Interactive Group Sessions

Identify current challenges and find better answers that permanently improve productivity. Implement tools that end employee disengagement and get the right results the first time!