Ali Raheem Joins the Crestcom Network

Crestcom International LLC is pleased to announce one of its newest additions, Ali Raheem, who has joined the Crestcom network as a franchisee delivering leadership development programs in Northern California.

Ali has a business background having worked in the financial services, industrial and technology sectors. After completing his undergraduate degree in the U.S., he went to Japan to do postgraduate study, then worked at one of Japan’s largest merchandise trading companies for seven years before returning to the U.S. to join a $2.5 billion turnaround listed spin-off company of 3M Company in St. Paul, Minnesota. In 2004, Ali joined Ernst & Young (EY) in San Francisco and was promoted to the partnership in 2011 while he was working as an expatriate in Japan. Ali continued his expatriate journey with EY to London, England and repatriated back to San Francisco in late 2016.

“To be successful in business, you have to have the right vision and execute well. Both are equally important,” Ali says, “I plan to keep checking myself on both these fronts often as my Crestcom journey begins.”

Originally from the U.K. and raised in U.S. Midwest, Ali has always been passionate about grooming people and leadership, which is a key reason he joined the Crestcom family. To get in touch with Ali, please click here to learn more.

About Crestcom: Crestcom International LLC is an international leadership development organization that has trained more than 1 million leaders for 25,000 businesses in 60 countries across the globe. Crestcom does this through a unique blend of live-facilitated multimedia video, interactive exercises, and shared learning experiences, followed up by action plans and accountability sessions to ensure measured development in key leadership competency areas. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Jenny Bridges at