Our Ideal Franchisee


Our Ideal Franchisee


Is Crestcom Right for Me?

Our most successful franchisees vary in age and backgrounds including executives, marketing managers, engineers, retired military, accountants, attorneys, teachers, sales managers, and entrepreneurs. We find they are passionate about helping people develop and grow into great leaders, want to leverage their experience and transition into a business where they are building equity, and have a strong desire to impact people’s lives both professionally and personally.


If that sounds like you, owning a Crestcom franchise might be the perfect fit.

Affordable Investment

Crestcom International is an affordable, home-based investment opportunity. The following chart (United States franchisees) represents the estimated range of initial investment to open a single franchise unit, as reported in our 2019 Franchise Disclosure Document:

Total Estimated Initial Investment

Low End: $85,195
High End: $99,344

As an independent business owner in the Crestcom system, you have the flexibility to negotiate payment terms with your customers that suit your business. Royalty and distribution fees are due once you have received payment from your clients.

Profit, Growth & Bonus Plan

Because you can operate your Crestcom business from home, your ongoing overhead will usually be lower than other brick and mortar businesses. You do not incur high, ongoing venue expenses since Crestcom allows for bartering in exchange for the cost of your training venue. The Crestcom Learning Portal provides streamlined participant communication and reporting, which reduces your administrative time. No inventory is required and training materials can be ordered as they are needed.

Estimated Gross Revenue Margin: 61.87%

Bonus Plan

Crestcom offers an incentive to franchisees allowing them to earn a credit that discounts their royalties by 14% and 29% of the standard royalty and distribution for sales above certain revenue thresholds.


Recurring Revenue: The Crestcom Continuing Education program allows your participants to continue learning well beyond the initial 12-month leadership training program and it allows you to enjoy a recurring revenue stream.

Repeat Business & Referrals: Our Crestcom franchisees, because of the high quality of our program and service, experience a combined high repeat and referral percentage of more than 55%.

Franchise Structure: Franchisees typically serve both as salespeople and facilitators, signing up clients and subsequently leading the coursework. As franchisee’s scale, many will hire sales representatives and/or facilitators, while the franchisee maintains a close relationship with the CEO.

Area Representative: Besides the unit agreement (referred to as “franchisee” typically), Crestcom Area Representatives recruit franchisees on behalf of Crestcom in a certain defined territory and provide support to the individual franchisees within the same territory.

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For more than 30 years, Crestcom International has trained leaders across the globe in the areas of management and leadership. The Crestcom franchise model gives franchise owners the support, training, and tools needed to operate their own businesses using our world-renowned training. Contact us to find out more about this powerful franchise opportunity today!