Canada Leadership Training Expert

Trevor Hains
Ottawa, Canada

Bio Picture: Trevor Hains
Trevor is an agile and versatile business leader who believes that “Grow from Within” is a winning strategy. Using that strategy he has successfully delivered significant results in leadership roles in Human Resources, Learning and Development, Sales and Operations. His diverse and cross functional skill set has provided him the strength of intuition in problem solving, decision making, strategy and operational execution. He has a keen eye for spotting top talent and has a heart for creating development programs for people success.
He is a Registered Corporate Coach™, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Barrett Values Centre Practitioner and a Certified Instructor of Target Account Selling™.
He lives in Ottawa with his wife Julie and pursues an active lifestyle which includes running, cycling and golf. He has qualified for the Boston Marathon six times and ran it three.

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  • 120 Kamloops Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1v 7c9, Canada
  • 1-613-797-3999

"Being able to align my professional passion of growing organizational capacity with the experience and capabilities of Crestcom International provides me with unique business value that can be leveraged by many organizations." - “When opportunity comes, it is too late to prepare.” John Wooden

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