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Steve Leslie
Toronto, Canada

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With more than 25 years of international, senior executive leadership experience. Steve has led teams throughout the US and Canada of more than 700 people in top brands Xerox, Softchoice and Telus. He has supported teams and businesses from the early stages, led billion-dollar organizations as well as successful exits, creating over 450 million in shareholder value. A dedicated champion of community values and supporting non-profit organizations. He has served the TELUS Toronto Community Board as well as Vox Mobile, based in Cleveland Ohio.
When working with clients on culture, strategy and development, his primary focus is improving the performance of their organizations through their people.
Steve is passionate about leadership, giving back , speaking and fitness. Active in golf, hockey, CrossFit and triathlons. Dedicated to helping CEO's achieve their business goals and working with and developing leaders.
Steve's certifications include Crestcom Authorized Partner, CELC Executive Leadership Coach, Executive Coach Speaker, Barrett CultureTT. Certified, DISC Behavior Consultant Certified.
Accelerateld Authorized Partner Crestcom International

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At this historic moment, every CEO is facing unique challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Leaders must re-imagine the future of their businesses. The CEOs that will be successful going forward are those who make three things their top priority: employee wellbeing, customer service, and talent development. Now more than ever, culture and strong leadership will be the determinants of success. Leaders who fail to look forward and to find new ways of providing value will be left behind, while those who leverage this time to strengthen their connection with employees and customers will be positioned to thrive. Now is the time to move out of survival mode and look towards building a new future.

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"Leadership development is a journey not a destination." -

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