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Sandra B Edwards
Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Canada

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Managers become managers because they did a great job in a previous role so were promoted, but do they all have the skills and core competencies to be effective leaders of people?
As a partner of Crestcom International, I am focused on working with Presidents/Owners and their management teams to further develop management and leadership skills thus providing them with tools to be more effective and productive in their leadership roles.
Using a unique approach of measured development, creation of personal/team action plans, and team accountability meetings our program enables management to work as strong, cohesive teams operating on the same page with the same language going in the same direction. This program not only enhances individual’s personal accountability and productivity it enhances profitability of the organizations with an average ROI of 6:1.
We are proud of our reputation of helping good people develop into great managers and leaders.

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  • , Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Ontario, Canada
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"70% of people don’t quit their companies, they actually quit their boss” -

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