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Michelle Sudeyko
Toronto, Canada

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Interactive learning experiences that produce real business results!
For more than 27 years, Crestcom International has trained business people across the globe in the areas of leadership, management and sales. Today, Crestcom has grown to become one of the most successful and widely used training programs among Fortune magazine’s Top 100 Companies.
Businesses turn to Crestcom to help transform their managers into leaders. 75% of Fortune Magazine’s “Most Admired Companies” have participated in the Bullet Proof® Manager training and 98% of our clients have said Crestcom training equaled or exceeded their expectations.
Each month, thousands of business professionals from companies of all sizes across six continents participate in the Crestcom’s Bullet Proof® Manager training where leaders develop their skills, exchange ideas, and share what’s working now. Participants can join the program at any time and the 12 month training program covers 24 modules of leadership, management and sales development.
This proprietary interactive learning program is improving the way businesses motivate, communicate and help managers succeed while seeing the effects on the company’s bottom line.

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  • , Toronto, Ontario L4p 2m4, Canada
  • 416.930.7514

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