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Jonathan Seitz
Carlsbad, United States

Bio Picture: Jonathan Seitz
Jonathan is Co-founder and President of Bellwether Training, LLC, and Director of Sales of Riverside Business Results, LLC.
With a degree in education, Jonathan began his career in Training and Education. Entering the business world in sales, Jonathan quickly moved from an entry level sales position to holding positions of SVP Sales, VP Corporate Solutions, and VP Product Management and as executive inside a $3 Billion dollar organization. Jonathan Co-founded and managed 2 successful businesses before being asked to take a SVP Sales role in another Global Corporation. With over 35 years of positive impact through coaching, mentoring, and leading others to achieve, Leadership and Management Training is an extension of his passion and experience.
Initially invited to participate in Crestcom’s Leadership Skills Workshop, Jonathan encountered for the first time a systematic, proven, and quantifiable process for developing Leadership and Management skills. Crestcom’s content, process, and track record of success is second to none in the training world and delivers measurable results.
“Today’s managers are busy handling multiple demands and responsibilities but are seldom engaged in ongoing Management Skills Training to match their position of influence. Ongoing Leadership and Management Development at all levels is key to improving employee engagement, productivity and increasing profits in any organization.”
Bellwether Training, LLC is a Leadership and Management Training company dedicated to improving employee engagement, productivity, and profits through Leadership and Management Skill Development. Bellwether Training is an authorized Crestcom Licensee and Crestcom’s Southern California Area Representative, offering proprietary Leadership Skills Training - "The Bullet Proof Manager" (BPM) - as well as Professional Sales Training - "Crestcom Sales Academy" (CSA).

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  • 2122 Pine Crest Way, Carlsbad, California 92008, United States
  • (619) 866-4525

"If you aim at nothing, you are bound to hit it." -

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