United States Leadership Training Expert

Dave Strathmann
Jacksonville, United States

Bio Picture: Dave Strathmann
I go to work each day excited for new opportunities to help organizationsimprove the impact their team members have on their business.
I've been President of Performance Growth, just one of 180 global licensees of Crestcom International for more than 17years.
In today's changing climate, developing the skills needed to lead, motivate and engage associates are critical. I invested heavily in Crestcom's highly effective leadership development processin order to provide access to subject matter experts for organizations in North Florida that desire to learn, grow and thrive. We have also helped some companies to 'survive'.
Theprofessional development seminars which we facilitate challenge, encourage and inspire individuals to develop their talents and enhance their core leadership skills. This improves bothindividual and team performance. Great leadership skills are essential in a changing business environment.
As Florida Area Representative, I facilitate training for clients, as well as help individuals who wish toexplore the opportunity to own their own Crestcom business. It is a great privilege to help individuals realize their personal and professional potential.
Call me for a 3 minute briefing, to learn more,
In the spirit of service, Dave

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  • 11374 Tacito Creek Drive S, Jacksonville, Florida 32223, United States
  • (904) 374-0199

"Character is the ability to follow through on a good resolution, long after the mood in which it was made has left us." - Cavett Roberts

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