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Dave Heisey
Grass Lake, United States

Bio Picture: Dave Heisey
Dave’s passion for leadership development comes first and foremost from his personal transformation. That passion led him to partner with Crestcom, one of the training industry's most widely used management and leadership development programs among Fortune magazine’s “Most Admired Companies.” His experience, paired with Crestcom’s award-winning signature program, The Bullet Proof® Manager, helps people produce real business results.
Like many executives, many of Dave’s earliest leadership lessons came straight from the school of hard knocks – but the true transformation happened when he committed to structured leadership development programs. These programs didn’t just help him become a more effective, efficient leader – they helped him better navigate every aspect of his life.
After starting his management career in the engineering department at Dart Container Corporation, Dave realized he had a knack for developing process improvements - but struggled in developing people. Knowing a strong leader has the ability to balance both, he turned to a variety of programs to hone his people skills.
Not only did he gain insight into his own personality and strengths, but Dave improved his understanding of other personality types and learned to identify specific strengths in those he supervised. These are just some of the tangible improvements he helped implement:
- Increasing on-time project delivery by 300-400%, significantly improving ROI
- Improving customer communications and focus, reducing rework and speeding up implementation
- Creating more effective job descriptions, career ladders, and hiring practices, significantly improving capacity, capability, and retention
- Developing a comprehensive internal leadership development program, improving individuals and teams across the company
Many businesses hesitate to invest time and money in leadership development because of a perceived lack of tangible benefits. Crestcom’s program, with its commitment to measurable results and personal accountability, has a primary goal to deliver a quantifiable return on your financial investment.
Less tangible but equally important is the personal transformation of leaders within your company. For example, Dave has learned to ask more questions, listen more intently and build stronger relationships. These skills are useful for improving families and communities, as well as workplaces.
In every avenue of life, true improvements are the result of understanding both the process and the people behind the process. Leadership development taught Dave how to excel at addressing both sides of this equation, and Crestcom’s focus on setting measurable, relevant goals, can help any business do the same.

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  • 1243 Deer Run, Grass Lake, Michigan 49240, United States
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People will forget what you said.... they will forget what you did.... but people will NEVER forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou

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