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Darryl Warren
Indianapolis, United States

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Interactive leadership development that produces real business results!
For 31 years, Crestcom International has trained business people across the globe in the areas of leadership, management and sales. Crestcom has grown to be one of the most successful and widely used training programs among top organizations.
Businesses turn to Crestcom to transform their employees and managers into leaders. Today, 75% of Fortune Magazine’s “Most Admired Companies” have experienced Bullet Proof® Manager Training and 98% say Crestcom's training results equaled or exceeded expectations!
Each month, thousands of business professionals from companies of all sizes across six continents participate in Crestcom’s Bullet Proof® Manager training where Leaders develop skills, exchange ideas, and share what’s working. Participants can join the program at any time and the 12 month program covers 24 modules of leadership, management and sales development.
This proprietary interactive learning program is improving the way businesses motivate, communicate and help managers succeed while seeing results on the company’s bottom line.Crestcom Trainers don't instruct in the typical sense. They facilitate and help students reveal organic learning that happens from our interactive sessions.
Darryl Warren has 32 years of business and leadership experience in the areas of Human Resources, Strategic Business Development and Global Marketing. Organizations include Olin Chemical, Exxon Mobil and mid west manufactures that support Automotive, Medical and IT industries. His BA is from the University of Miami, MBA Indiana Wesleyan University.
We pledge to do everything possible to help your team be the best it can be to deliver consistent results and enjoy the process!


The Crestcom training program was one of the most comprehensive training programs
our staff has experienced. It has been many months since we attended and we still
reference the content on Customer Service. The principals are posted around the office.
Fred Oettel & Bill Kime; District Managers - Cummins

Developing tomorrow’s leaders is one of the most important and challenging aspects of
an organization. This is why we recommend the Crestcom leadership program. Metrics
speak for us.
Content was excellent and allowed everyone to grow. The program will
allow us to generate $1 million in revenue, $100K+ in savings, and increase Customer
Satisfaction 40+%. This year we are the 6th fastest growing SaaS companies in the
country on Inc's elite 5000 list.
Crestcom content and Darryl’s direction helped us foster a more cohesive leadership team and attain this goal. I definitely recommend Darryl and Crestcom particularly in IT where it is critical to balance tech hard skills with essential
Kevin Hammond, CEO of dB Services (An Apple Company)

After the introductory workshop we were convinced this was the leadership program we
needed. We were not disappointed! We sent three managers and the investment in our
people paid off very well.
Practical application and variety of topics were a big hit with
staff. We sent a new group of Managers based on the success of the first group. I highly
recommend the Crestcom program for any company that want to grow management to
gain a competitive edge.
Larry Blackerby; VP & GM WRTV

I really enjoyed your presentation. In fact it was one of the best presentations on the
various age groups working together. You should be presenting at Lilly, etc.
Executive Director Indiana Non Profit

I attended Crestcom Training with Darryl Warren and found sessions to be informative
and productive. As former Director of an IN school district, training addressed concerns
of building buy-in through team building, engagement & empowerment. Content will
reduce employee turnover.
Darryl gave attendees opportunities to learn via
demonstration and practice. I highly recommend this training for anyone, or any teams,
in Leadership.
Penny A. Wilson (Retired) Director of Curriculum Instruction and Assessment

Darryl is a talented facilitator and coach! Utilizing principles of Traction’s EOS, we
were able to get out of our day to day business activities and finally start to work “on”
the business instead of “in” it. That shift alone will position us for greater success!
Tony Scelzo VP; The Brookfield Group

Interactive presentations go far. Darryl worked the room successfully, got us involved
and effectively taught us how to collaborate with different generations in the workplace.
Being a millennial, it was also great to hear stereotypes debunked by focusing on the
positives of each generation. I was excited to implement these ideas into my workplace.
Stephanie Singh; Director of Communications & Marketing Town of Plainfield, IN

“I was quite skeptical when I attended Crestcom Leadership training. Having a short
staff of an organization in financial distress, I felt it would be a waste of time. However,
Crestcom training has provided me with a tool-box to use immediately in my leadership
Crestcom program and experience is perfect for project managers. Skills you obtain
monthly can noticeably improve results of clients and staff. If I could take one training
tool it would be 3x3x3. The best accountability tool I have ever seen.
Patrice Duckett; Executive Director Glick Company

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  • 11527 Crescent Court, Indianapolis, Indiana 46236, United States
  • (317) 910-4318

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the World! Today I am wise so I am changing myself. - Rumi

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