Leadership Health Assessment

Crestcom’s leadership health assessment helps companies determine potential areas for growth within their teams and leaders. Gain a new perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of your organization and learn how Crestcom can help your managers improve their leadership skills and overall performance.

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    Are you noticing gaps in your team’s leadership? Pinpoint the areas of leadership development your team can benefit from by taking our free and quick Leadership Health Assessment.

Drives for Results:

Focuses on what is essential and creates a sense of urgency, successfully managing multiple priorities. Implements mechanisms for tracking and follow up to ensure rapid progress. Identifies and understands issues and takes action that is consistent with available facts and risk.

Influences Others:

Listens and fosters open communication skills through questioning, dialogue, and information sharing. Advocates ideas and effectively negotiates to achieve mutually successful outcomes. Identifies and proactively manages their own emotions.

Executes Vision:

Considers a broad range of internal and external factors when creating strategies and implementing plans. Translates business vision and strategy into plans and sequenced priorities to deliver results and leverage resources.

Develops Positive Relationships:

Builds partnerships and effective working relationships to meet shared objectives. Recognizes and shows respect for people, ideas and perspectives that differ from self.

Fosters Innovation:

Identifies, supports and champions opportunities for change and continuous improvement. Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability in responding to change and ambiguity.

Builds the Right Team:

Attracts, selects, and forms teams with diverse styles and perspectives. Fosters productive and collaborative teamwork and a sense of belonging for team members.

Understands the Business:

Understands how businesses and organizations work. Applies knowledge of business drivers, financial indicators, and technology to generate productivity and insights.

Encourages Excellence:

Empowers and motivates team members to achieve and creates a feeling of personal investment and desire to excel. Appropriately recognizes the contributions of individuals and teams. Nurtures the development of others through effective coaching and mentoring.

Develops Customers Focus:

Develops and sustains productive customer relationships. Gains insight into customer needs and opportunities, and delivers solutions to exceed customer expectations.

Models Personal Growth:

Maintains an attitude of open, curious and proactive learning, continually expanding their own area of understanding and expertise. Demonstrates awareness, accurate assessment of personal effectiveness and practices methods to maintain and generate positive energy through stressful situations.