Alan Clark Joins the Crestcom Network

Crestcom International LLC  is pleased to announce its newest addition, Alan Clark, who has joined the Crestcom network as a franchisee delivering leadership development programs in Northern California.

With a strong background in technology, Alan Clark worked with Honeywell and Seagate during most of his career. Alan served a vital role in overseeing and leading teams focused on customer service, including customer analytics, reverse and forward supply chain, repair operations and call centers. With his experience leading teams, Alan gained a passion for developing others and creating professional growth opportunities. For Alan, leadership defines the ability to adapt to change, adopt right behaviors and always drive for success.

After working in the corporate world for many years, Alan wanted to take the next step and apply his leadership expertise in a diverse environment. He wanted to help more companies by developing their current and future leaders. Since Alan has had first-hand experience with being thrown into a leadership position without prior training, he strongly believes good training does not simply derive from being managed. He was immediately drawn to Crestcom after discovering the company’s approach to measured leadership development.

To get in touch with Alan Clark, please click here to learn more.

About Crestcom: Crestcom International LLC is an international leadership development organization that has trained more than one million leaders for 25,000 businesses in 60 countries across the globe. Crestcom does this through a unique blend of live-facilitated multimedia video, interactive exercises and shared learning experiences, followed up by action plans and accountability sessions to ensure measured development in key leadership competency areas. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Jenny Bridges at