Crestcom’s New Leadership Development Training Modules In 2019

Crestcom announces four new leadership development modules in 2019 bridging the current skills gap between what companies need and what employees can offer.

As 2018 ends, a recent Bloomberg Next study was found showing what skills are lacking from their employees and new hires. Unsurprisingly, many of these skills are “soft skills” that prove to be a high priority amongst the study’s respondents, directors to C-suite executives. One of the many reasons companies choose Crestcom’s program is the ongoing new content.

Module participants have a mixed environment of in-class and online learning. The module lessons allow company employees to work together as a team, and while networking with others from different industries. At the end of each lesson, participants are prompted to create an action plan so they can put into place the lessons they have learned. By developing a plan, companies may see a positive impact in their workplace culture and an increase in their ROI as early as 6 months to 2 years.

February: Take Charge of Talent Management

Building and managing a team in business is much like building and managing a team of elite athletes. CompaniesCrestcom Take Charge of Talent Management want the best, based on skill and attitude.

Talent management is the process that guides how managers recruit, interview, hire, and retain a world-class workforce. Just as businesses and teams change, technology and industry-specific environments change. This makes recruiting, hiring and retaining top talent a challenge that all organizations, large and small, must approach boldly and strategically.

Developed in partnership with Kathleen Quinn Votaw, Founder, and CEO of TalenTrust, this module will help managers develop a proven talent management program. They will learn how to build a network of talent with the skills their team needs now and in the future.

Crestcom will present and facilitate Take Charge of Talent Management as part of the Bulletproof Manager® program in February 2019. They’ll help managers learn to:

● Recognize the importance of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and retention in a comprehensive talent management program.
● Apply the big picture perspective of recruiting and hiring for a diverse workforce.
● Employ a practical, structured vision for their workforce that focuses on immediate and future needs for expanding your team in an increasingly competitive market.

March: Change How You Manage Change

Crestcom Change How You Manage Change L. Bonita PattersonChange management is the discipline that guides how we prepare and support individuals to successfully adopt change to drive organizational success.

Organizations, like life, are dynamic and always evolving. Change will occur whether or not we want it or are ready for it. As we all have heard countless times, progress and change are inevitable. Good leaders recognize that how they manage change will determine whether the change they initiate, in the end, is successful or a dismal failure.

L. Bonita Patterson, Founder, and CEO of Polaris Consulting Group, partners with Crestcom to develop this new, dynamic approach to change management. Managers will learn how to apply a simple, practical change model to every type of change that impacts their team.

In March, Crestcom will be presenting and facilitating Change How You Manage Change for leaders and managers around the world. They will be helping participants develop the skills to:


● Understand the foundational aspects of change management and the critical role they play in the change process.
● Apply a practical framework for processing the many changes that impact their team.
● Recognize resistance to change and apply tools available to help address it.

June: Captivate Your Customer

Today’s digital world means options. Moreover, options mean more competition for winning and retaining loyal customers. If companies want loyal customers, they must evolve their customer service strategy.

The basic premise of customer service has not changed. People have a problem, and they want their problem solved. What has changed are the methods we use to solve their problem. Solving problems is no longer limited to frontline employees. It involves everyone in the organization.

Developed in partnership with Shep Hyken, customer service and experience expert and bestselling author, Captivate Your Customer provides participants an opportunity to examine their customer service strategy and identify barriers to customer success.

Crestcom will be guiding participants in this crucial class in June. During their participation, leaders and managers around the world will learn how to:

● Craft and execute a compelling customer service vision that creates loyal customers.
● Apply the best strategies to captivate a customer and create customer service Moments of Magic.
● Engage employees throughout the organization using an inspiring customer service mantra.

August: Ignite A Culture Of Accountability

Accountability impacts everything an organization does, from how leaders manage employees to profitability. The Crestcom Ignite A Culture of Accountability Steve Farbersuccess of every strategic goal will be determined by the strength of an organization’s accountability culture.

Successful organizations don’t create accountability strategies after a disaster or mishap, they are proactive. They also don’t limit accountability to only thinking about employee responsibility, they plan for it on a broad scale. Steve Farber, bestselling author and President of Extreme Leadership, partners with Crestcom to help managers understand how accountability impacts leadership, processes, goals, and the company vision.

We’ll be igniting a culture of accountability around the globe in August! Crestcom will give leaders and managers the practical tools they need to:

● Identify how accountability contributes to organizational success.
● Recognize the key elements required to create a culture of accountability.
● Create a plan to increase accountability in the workplace.


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