Change Leadership That Will Engage and Motivate Your Team

How do you overcome resistance to change? Leaders deal with many factors that contribute to resistance. The first vital factor is trust. Trust and change go hand-in-hand, and genuine leadership requires a trustworthy person. Are you honest, transparent, confidential, loyal, accountable, and humble?

Trusted leaders can also be happier managers when they let others help create change when it is needed. If you involve others in the process, then your team will be more unified. That is the principle. Unity breeds common interest and a sense of responsibility. Our experience shows that managers who involve their team members in the decision process gain devotion, more efficiency, and even suggestions or adaptations that benefit their organizations.

What is the value proposition? If you want motivated people, be crystal clear on the benefits. Change can be disruptive, and teams need to know the reasons for change and the personal advantage they’ll feel by engaging fully in the process. Make it personal in a positive way.

People don’t resist all change. They resist change they do not perceive to be beneficial. They resist change when they do not perceive the sacrifice that they have to make to be worth the benefits of the change. They resist change that they didn’t help create, and they resist change when they don’t trust the architects of the change. Let them be a part of the change process. Make sure that there are lots of benefits clearly communicated, and create an environment of trust. That is the formula for higher morale in the midst of change.