3 Must-Haves for a Mentoring Program


It’s true: some leaders are born, and some are developed. Regardless of which end of the spectrum your managers fall, mentoring programs always offers growth opportunities. Follow these three cardinal rules to ensure your program is a success:

  1. Honor the appointment: Schedule a bi-weekly meeting with your mentee for about 30 minutes. Adhere to this session, being sure never to cancel or reschedule if at all possible. Honoring your bi-weekly commitment communicates the importance you place on the mentee’s development.
  2. Offer words of wisdom: Sharing your feedback and experiences is the heart of a mentoring relationship. While books can undoubtedly offer leadership advice for managers, a 1-on-1 connection gives you the chance to provide custom, personalized information. What has gone right for you as a manager and leader? Where have you fallen down and what would you do differently? Don’t just share the good, but share the bad too. Show people how you have learned from your mistakes, and how they can learn from theirs. That’s part of the mentoring process.
  3. Develop a career plan: Managers – as is likely true of all your employees – typically have a career path in mind with your organization. The mentoring program is a great chance to discover where your mentee sees their career heading. Ask probing questions, such as where would you like your career to go? Where do you want to be in five years? What do you like most and least about your current position?

The Crestcom Bullet Proof® Manager program provides a well-rounded leadership development program that can work great for both mentors and mentees alike.