Mind-Body Performance for Peak Performing Leaders

When considering how to improve our leadership skills, we tend to lean on straightforward tactics, such as seeking advice from other leaders, reading books, and of course, enrolling in the Crestcom Bullet Proof® Manager program! In addition to these useful methods, there is a hidden tactic; a tactic entirely within all of our control; a tactic we’re all capable of taking advantage of; a tactic that can have a profound impact in every area of our lives. The hidden tactic is “mind-body performance.” Mind-body performance is critical, yet simple. Follow these tips.

Reduce your stress:

Leadership and stress can sometimes go hand in hand. Fortunately, there are proven activities that reduce stress:

  1. Stay calm: Take breaks during stressful moments to reset your mind and body.
  2. Take control: Make a list of all of the stressful situations happening right now. Separate the list into items you cannot control and items you can control. Take action on those items within your control.
  3. Simplify: There’s an old saying that an elephant is eaten one bite at a time. Therefore, chunk major projects into manageable tasks.
  4. Reframe: Every negative can become a positive with reframing. Ask questions like, “What is good about this situation?”, “How can I use this to my advantage?”, and “What can I learn from this?”

Get more exercise:

According to the Mayo Clinic, adults need at least 20 minutes of moderate exercise each day. If your schedule makes it difficult to adhere to a form workout routine, try these simple exercises:

  1. Stretch your right hand up as high is it will go while simultaneously stretching your left hand as low as it will go. Then switch. Repeat the cross-reach exercise many times.
  2. Stretch your right hand over your left knee with the knee is in mid-air. Then switch. Repeat many times.

By focusing on mind-body performance, we can unlock our peak performance as leaders.