4 Ways to Harness Your Group’s Energy into Productive Teamwork

As a leader, it is important to recognize that there is enormous peer pressure circulating within a team. The energy of the group can either be characterized by negativity, cynicism, and sloth, or characterized by focus, productivity and positivity. Harness your team’s energy into a productive purpose by following these four steps:

  1. Huddle with your team on a regular basis to share insider information. Information makes team members feel included and important. Furthermore, sharing the big picture with your team will help them more deeply understand their role. Ensure that the communication is a “dialogue” rather than a “monologue” by asking for their feedback, opinions, and suggestions.
  2. Communicate high standards. As a leader, there’s a time to be friendly and a time to be stern. When the performance does not match your standards, you must be stern. Conversely, when standards are met, communicate with equal enthusiasm, “That’s what I like to see!”
  3. Give people more responsibility. Delegate responsibility, not to be confused with delegating tasks. Your team will strive to live up to the trust you have placed in them. Yet, keep in mind that when delegating responsibility, you are still ultimately responsible for the performance. Therefore, be sure to set clear expectations and hold regular progress meetings.
  4. Display the attitude you want to see. Whether you realize it or not, your team constantly observes your behavior and attitude, both of which are contagious. Stay calm, strong, and positive in challenging situations, and your employees will likely learn to do the same.

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