Why Leaders Need the Aliveness Mindset with Jack Craven

In a world where leadership demands are ever-evolving, finding a balance between professional success and personal fulfillment can seem elusive. In the latest episode of The Leadership Habit Podcast, Jenn DeWall sits down with Jack Craven, a seasoned CEO, executive coach, and author of his debut book, Aliveness Mindset: Lead and Live with More Passion, Purpose, and Joy. This engaging conversation unravels the secrets to cultivating an aliveness mindset, a concept that can revolutionize your leadership style and elevate your overall well-being.      Aliveness Mindset Book

Meet Jack Craven, CEO, Executive Coach, Author and More!

With a diverse background as a trial lawyer, seasoned CEO, long-time member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), mindset author, and C-Suite team facilitator,  and distinguished executive coach, Jack Craven has spent the last decade leading countless CEOs and their C-Suite teams into more fulfilling, authentic lives. Jack blends his experience with neuroscience-based practices and insights from the Enneagram personality system to facilitate transformative coaching results. On April 2,  2024, he launched his first book, Aliveness Mindset: Lead and Live with More Passion, Purpose, and Joy, with publisher Forefront Books.

Discover the Aliveness Mindset

What does it mean to truly feel alive? In this episode, Jack Craven introduces the aliveness mindset as a way to bring the best version of yourself into every day. He defines it as “bringing the best version of yourself into your day-to-day experience.” It’s about identifying moments in your life when you felt most vibrant and using those experiences to guide your daily intentions. Whether it’s feeling the electric buzz of excitement during a successful project or the serene calm of a quiet morning walk, these moments are key to understanding how to live more fully.

Why Leaders Need the Aliveness Mindset

The aliveness mindset isn’t just a feel-good philosophy; it’s a critical tool for effective leadership. Jack explains how this mindset helps leaders achieve deeper connections with their teams, make more impactful decisions, and navigate challenges with resilience. By focusing on how to feel more alive, leaders can unlock their true potential and inspire their teams to do the same. As Jack puts it, “The cost of not living there is being unfulfilled. It’s not reaching your potential.”

Practical Tools and Practices

Later in the episode, Jack shares practical tools that anyone can use to cultivate an aliveness mindset:

  • Anchoring Mindsets: These are daily affirmations based on traits that make you feel alive. For example, Jack’s anchoring mindsets include play, connect, learn, grow, and impact. By focusing on these traits, you can set a positive tone for your day.
  • Reframing Reactions: Instead of getting bogged down by negative interpretations of events, Jack suggests using curiosity and positive reinterpretation. For instance, seeing a micromanaging boss as someone who is scared and seeking security can change your perspective and reduce stress.
  • Magic Words: Simple shifts in perspective can transform relationships. Jack uses the example of interpreting his mother’s actions as care rather than control, which neutralized his reactivity and improved their relationship. “When I made that shift, it was transformational,” he says.

Overcoming Common Blocks to Aliveness

Jack addresses common blocks like fear, boredom, and feeling unappreciated. He emphasizes that these are often subjective interpretations that can be reframed. “By becoming aware of these blocks and using the tools mentioned, leaders can create a more fulfilling and less reactive life,” Jack explains.

Jenn’s conversation with Jack Craven on The Leadership Habit Podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills and personal fulfillment. By adopting an aliveness mindset, you can create a life filled with passion, purpose, and joy. 

Where to Find More from Jack Craven

Don’t miss all of Jenn and Jack’s insights into embracing an aliveness mindset! Listen to the full episode of The Leadership Habit Podcast with Jack Craven and start your journey towards living and leading with more passion and purpose. If you want to learn more about Jack’s work: 

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