Cultivating Infectious Energy with Keith Smith, CEO of Vonco Products

Cultivating Infectious Energy: The Key to Personal and Professional Success

In this episode of the Leadership Habit podcast, host Jenn DeWall invites guest Keith Smith, President and CEO of Vonco Products, to delve into cultivating infectious energy. They share their enthusiasm for the concept and explore its profound impact on relationships, leadership, and personal development.

Meet Keith Smith, CEO of Vonco Products

Keith Smith is on a mission to help leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors live more empowered lives, cultivate innovation, overcome fear, and become more effective leaders. Keith strives to make a difference by sharing his energy, experience, and passion, imparting wisdom and thought leadership, and being in the present during times of need. Keith has over 25 years of experience as an executive leader, mentor, and motivator.

The Power of Caring

Keith Smith explains the core value of caring more at his company. He emphasizes the importance of caring for oneself first. By taking care of ourselves, we can better care for others.

Defining Energy

Recognizing that some may find the idea of energy abstract, Jenn DeWall asks Keith to define energy and explain why it matters. Keith explains that managing energy is crucial because time is a fixed resource. We control how we manage our energy within that time frame.

He highlights different dimensions of energy, including physical, emotional, and spiritual energy. Keith emphasizes the importance of gratitude and maintaining positive energy to avoid being dragged into low-energy emotions. By improving all dimensions of energy, one can cultivate infectious energy that positively impacts others.

The Pyramid Approach to Cultivating Energy

Keith introduces the pyramid approach to cultivating infectious energy, starting with self-care as the foundation. He also shares his personal experience of prioritizing business over other aspects of life and its negative consequences on his relationships and overall energy.

Level 1: SELF – Prioritizing Self-Care

First, Keith stresses the importance of self-care as the foundation for cultivating infectious energy. By caring for oneself first, individuals can effectively care for others. Keith introduces the concept of a Dream Manager, inspired by the book “Dream Manager” by Matthew Kelly. This approach allows individuals to find fulfillment and achieve their personal aspirations while contributing to the company’s success.

Level 2: HEALTH – Maintaining Physical Well-being

Then, Keith emphasizes the importance of prioritizing physical health to sustain infectious energy. He follows a creed of “always be training for something” and sets goals to maintain fitness levels. Keith advocates for the keto diet and emphasizes the significance of rest, recovery, and quality sleep. Creating structure in uncertain times can help manage anxiety and protect one’s health.

Level 3: RELATIONSHIPS – Nurturing Meaningful Connections

Next, Keith acknowledges the value of relationships and the need to prioritize them. He shares about putting work ahead of relationships in the past and how shifting that mindset positively impacted his life. Keith encourages planning and emphasizes the role of relationships as mirrors of our energy and attitudes. Cultivating genuine care for others in business fosters meaningful connections and enhances overall success.

Level 4: WEALTH – Giving Back to the Community

Keith believes in sharing wealth and abundance by giving back to the community and aligning his actions with his values and passions. He actively engages with various organizations and causes that are important to him. By prioritizing community involvement, Keith finds fulfillment and contributes to the attractiveness of his organization.

Level 5: BUSINESS – Intentionality and Focus

Keith stresses the importance of intentionality and focus in business. He advises entrepreneurs to identify their strengths, differentiate themselves, and create a five-year plan to guide their purpose and success. Entrepreneurs can leverage their strengths and increase productivity by focusing on high-impact activities and delegating tasks outside their expertise.

Infectious Energy is a Powerful Tool

Cultivating infectious energy is a powerful tool for personal and professional success. By prioritizing the five levels of the pyramid, you can create an environment that attracts positive energy and inspires others. Infectious energy enhances personal fulfillment and contributes to the success of organizations and the well-being of employees.

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