Koné Faulkner Joins the Crestcom Network

Greenwood Village, CO – Crestcom International is pleased to announce a new authorized licensee, Koné Faulkner, CEO of Klarity Broadcasting. Koné is a South Carolina State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science (Pre-Law) and later earned a Masters in Public Relations from the University of Maryland Global Campus. He is a retired Lt. Col., bringing more than 30 years of global managerial experience with a focus on aligning, developing and directing PR campaigns in support of both government and the private sector. 

While in the US military, Faulkner served as a spokesperson and communications advisor in Afghanistan, Korea, Iraq, Turkey, various other NATO countries, and ultimately the Office of the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. As a civilian, Faulkner worked with the Department of Defense to coordinate and publicize the Office of Small Business Programs, the Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment program, and Trusted Capital programs. He also created publicity strategies, planned campaigns and provided media relations support for other private and government entities. 

Koné’s experience working in both the military and private sector give him a unique perspective and established approach for developing effective leaders. 

When asked about his motivation to partner with Crestcom, Faulkner explained:

“Leadership training, mentoring and coaching are cornerstones of my achievements over the years.  As a result, it was a no-brainer to join the Crestcom International team to continue helping organizations in my region with their leadership development needs.”

Interested in working with Koné? Get in touch with him to learn more here: https://crestcom.com/leadership-trainer/kone-faulkner/ 

About Crestcom

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