Vilson Antonio Simon Joins the Crestcom Network

Greenwood Village, CO – Crestcom International is pleased to announce a new authorized licensee, Vilson A Simon, Founder and President of Ágora Learning & Consulting, located in Brookfield, WI. Vilson will deliver leadership development programs for the Greater Milwaukee, Brookfield, Waukesha, Kenosha and Racine counties – all located in southeast Wisconsin. This is the first Crestcom footprint in the “America’s dairyland” state.

Vilson brings over 30 years of executive level experience and a multicultural mindset.  Vilson has diverse enterprise profiles – from animal health and nutrition to food and beverage, and most recently, he invested in a start-up in the agriculture sector using AI and Machine Learning. He is a Founder and Co-Founder of Brazilian companies in the food sector and an active member of the Board of Directors for three organizations. Ágora Learning & Consulting is his first entrepreneurial endeavor in the USA. Born and raised in Brazil, Vilson holds dual citizenship and speaks 3 languages – Portuguese, English and Spanish. He is married to Juliana A Rezende, and they have three children together. 

When asked about his motivation to partner with Crestcom, Vilson explained:

“A significant part of my life has been dedicated to the corporate world, going above and beyond to have a positive impact on an organizational and individual level. During the challenges of the pandemic, I started to think much more about my life purpose, and I questioned my legacy to my children, family, communities, corporations and future generations. In February 2021, I decided to take a year-long sabbatical to spend time with my family, focus on my own businesses, see friends, read, enjoy gardening, learn yoga and meditation, and dedicate more time to my passion for mentoring others. It was one of the most memorable periods of my life. I now encourage everyone to take a sabbatical— the experience will be amazing and bring new perspectives to your life.

After this immersion into myself, reviewing my past successes, failures, and areas for improvement, my heart was full of joy for the received grace. I decided I would not return to the corporate world as an executive. Instead, I will be there to  do what I love the most: developing people and organizations—helping others to thrive. During this journey, I met the great people of Crestcom. I found we shared a vision: impacting people’s lives by developing them to be better, building stronger leaders and consequently improving organizations’ business sustainability. 

This is my life mission. “I believe in the human potential to do the right thing. I always assume people have genuine intentions to do good. So, I listen to others with my heart first. I do this because what is interpreted by the heart is translated with love and compassion”.

To contact Vilson for more information about leadership development, click here.

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